Conducting, supporting, and disseminating EQ research

Six Seconds’ approach to emotional intelligence and the process of social emotional learning is grounded in practitioner research.  Here are three resources to learn more about the research and science in our work:


Action ResearchSix Seconds is committed to supporting research in social emotional learning

We do this by:

1)  Providing consultation to EQ and SEL researchers, including doctoral and masters students, university faculty, and action researchers in schools throughout the world, who are interested in the Six Seconds model and assessment measures.

2)  Providing an opportunity and a space for researchers and practitioners to share their work, inspiring and connecting with others.

  • Webinars
  • Articles and Blog Posts
  • Peer to Peer conferences

3) Providing subsidies for researchers who wish to use Six Seconds’ approach and tools through our Grants program.


Recent articles in our Research archive…

The Neuroscience of Trust: From the Brain to the Boardroom (8/17/2017) by Michael Miller - Understanding the neuroscience of trust can help you develop healthy, trusting relationships at home and at work. Here's how it works.
Learning About Learning & the Brain – Interview with Neuroscientist Mary-Helen Immordino-Yang (8/3/2017) by Joshua Freedman - At a neurological level, how does the brain actually learn, and what's the role of emotion? What's the implication for education and training?
How Vital is Your Organization? Key Findings & Report on the 2017 Vitality Survey (7/23/2017) by Paul Stillman - Q: How are people feeling at work... and does it matter? A: Frustrated, and yes! Get the free report with results of the global study on emotions in the workplace.
Bluemind: Your Brain on Water-Best-selling Author Blends Conservation and Neuroscience (6/6/2017) by Rachel Goodman - Does being near water make us feel calmer? How can we collaborate to make sure we care for our waterways as we do ourselves? Best-selling author J.Wallace Nichols gives insights.
Adventure + EQ = Learning for Youth (updated for 2017) (6/4/2017) by Rachel Goodman - Can adventure programs use EQ to transform the lives of struggling youth? Many outdoor education or wilderness therapy programs claim to bring about lasting change, but what metrics are they using to evaluate it?  In South Africa, a wilderness gap year program uses Six Seconds' SEI assessment to measure improvements in emotional intelligence, with some real results. One key is ...
Emotional WHAT? Definitions and History of EQ (2017 update) (5/28/2017) by Joshua Freedman - From interviews the originators of the science of emotional intelligence including Salovey, Goleman, Bar-On, here's a simple and lively history of this breakthrough science.
Improving School Leaders’ Effectiveness Through EQ (5/25/2017) by Lorea Martinez - Principals have a special role in promoting social emotional learning. Find out what the research shows works best.
Emotional Intelligence and Coaching: Secrets from the 2017 Survey – Infographic (5/19/2017) by Joshua Freedman - What makes coaching so effective, and does emotional intelligence help? How? Here’s an infographic + free report with insights from 1138 coaches and coaching clients from 88 countries.
Learning About EQ by Training an Artificial Intelligence: Three key lessons about growth (1/31/2017) by Tom Procicchiani - Training our new artificial intelligence for emotional intelligence, we accidentally learned three powerful lessons about how people can best learn and grow. Surprise! It's about individuality.
YES!-Saving Lives One Breath at a Time (12/12/2016) by Rachel Goodman - Can Meditation Prevent Suicide? It’s no secret that high school has become a lot more stressful than it used to be, from high stakes testing to social stress. In two high schools in the heart of Silicon Valley since 2009, there have been 12 suicides. This has prompted some serious soul searching by parents, school counselors, students and administrators, and ...