The State of the Heart provides new data on emotional intelligence from over 200,000 people in 160 countries, revealing important trends for global EQ and wellbeing.

Tracking global trends in emotional intelligence for over a decade, the State of the Heart is the world’s most extensive research on emotional intelligence strengths, challenges & opportunities. The 2018 findings reveal powerful insights on the shifting capabilities to make a better future. 

State of the Heart 2018

What’s happening with emotional intelligence (EQ) in the world?

Why do we care?

Emotional intelligence is an essential skillset for navigating the complexities of the world today. It’s a key predictor of Effectiveness, Relationships, Wellbeing & Quality of Life. That’s one reason the World Economic Forum identifies it as one of the essential skills for the future.

Unfortunately, around the globe, emotional intelligence has been on the decline since 2011, but levels may be stabilizing today.


What is State of the Heart?

State of the Heart has tracked the changing trends in emotional intelligence (EQ) since 2011. This analysis mines the world’s most complete EQ dataset, using a balanced random sampling from over 200,000 people in 160 countries & territories (see any of the reports for demographic details). The data comes from the emotional intelligence assessment published by Six Seconds, the global nonprofit community committed to growing EQ.


Key Insights

How does emotional intelligence support growth? This article unveils findings of which EQ competencies have changed most since we started State of the Heart — and the four that *finally* changed direction and increased last year.

Emotional intelligence is invaluable in Decision Making. predicting nearly 70% of the variation in scores. There are specific competencies, such as optimism, that seem most implicated in this area.

Regional and gender variations in EQ reveal significant differences in scores on Community. Specific EQ Brain Talents, such as Commitment, are most highly predictive of high Community scores.

Across global regions there are significant differences in emotional intelligence competencies, talents, and brain style. These vary by age and gender as well. To receive the new Regional State of the Heart Reports for 2018, fill in the form to the right.

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State of the Heart Regional Reports


Regional reports for Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America include analysis of:

  • The value of EQ in the region
  • Key EQ competencies
  • Global rankings
  • Gender & age variations
  • Brain Style & Brain Talents compared to the rest of the world

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