Professional Development for SEL

You can’t teach what you don’t practice.

From introductory training for activities teachers can use tomorrow… to in-depth certification to build capacity for program integration, Six Seconds’ training is brain-based, culturally responsive, substantive… and fun!

Starting with SEL, Inspiration, and Wellbeing Boosters

Six Seconds’ staff and community members in over 100 countries are available for online and in-person keynotes and workshops. For example, our catalog of “favorite Grow U mini courses” include 25 interactive, hour-long, online boosters. We have experts across the age-span (from preschool  through to adults), in all  kinds of educational settings (schools, community programs, parent educators, faith-based, higher ed, government agencies and everything  in between).

Please contact us and tell us what you need to support educators with social emotional learning.

Implementing EQ in the Classroom

The EQ Educator Certification (EQE) supports people to practice and grow emotional intelligence (starting with self) using best practices to create great learning. Whether online or in-person, one key benefit is educators experiencing a role model of EQ-activated learning.

EQE is modular to be completed step-by-step or all at once. EQE is run publicly (schedule) or in-house (contact us).

Evaluating EQ

There are many kinds of “evidence” for evidence-based implementation. At Six Seconds we believe SEL assessments need to meet high standards for psychometric evaluation.
We recommend two toolsets (read about the tools here):
SEI measures the growth of emotional intelligence in children and adults (EQ Assessor Certification)
EVS measures school climate to develop a great place to learn (Education Vital Signs Certification)

Assessments are important for continuous improvement cycles, program evaluation, counseling, research, skill-building in special education, individual &  group goalsetting, and to guide instruction.

Building In-Depth SEL Expertise

Read about the EQ Certification Pathways here become a Six Seconds Certified SEL Specialist


EQ solutions for social emotional learning

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What are the researched best-practices to put emotional intelligence into action?

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