EQ in Higher Education

Social emotional learning for colleges & universities

Given the growing awareness of the value of SEL, colleges and universities are beginning to integrate these skills into degree programs, as resources toward a healthy learning environment, and in building high-performing collaborative organizations. Research suggests that SEL (social emotional learning) initiatives in higher education operate as a piecemeal approach due to its nature, whereas a systematic operation offers greater benefits. Six Seconds is the leading provider of emotional intelligence frameworks, curriculum, and assessments to fully integrate EQ across the institution – in three key areas:

Campus Climate

The whole campus uses EQ to build a thriving learning community.  What structures and processes will empower all students, faculty, and constituents to succeed?

Academic Practices

EQ integrated into coursework to enhance learning. How can I infuse SEL into academic instruction, course interactions, and research?

Personal Development

EQ integrated into coursework to enhance learning. How can I infuse SEL into academic instruction, course interactions, and research?

Innovative Tools to Learn and Grow Emotional Intelligence

Rather than “a program,” Six Seconds’ methodology is to build capacity in proven methods and measures so professionals in the institution are equipped and support to build solutions that work within your context. Especially given our work in 200+ countries, we’ve found this approach is more aligned to each institutions values & mission, culturally responsive, and sustainable. Building blocks include:

Learning Resources

Hands on tools, videos, cases, books, lessons, and curriculum ranging from brief leadership development modules, to workbooks to the full “Know, Choose, Give” program for a year-long course. 


From the introductory Brain Profiles to in-depth EQ assessments to leadership multi-raters to team and organizational metrics, Six Seconds’ normed & validated tools offer insight and support for action.

Certification Training

To grow your team of internal EQ experts, Six Seconds’ certifications range from the introductory Unlocking EQ course through to full certification in coaching, facilitating, or consulting.

Higher Education Implementation Strategies


Six Seconds has worked with…

Medical Schools
Teachers Colleges
Counseling and Psychology
Engineering and Design
Veterinary Schools
Nursing Schools
Business Schools
Family Studies 
Athletic Programs

Modes of implementation…

Full university course
Development of faculty expertise
to integrate EQ across department

Residence Life programming

Student-led EQ Clubs and Seminars

Counseling and Campus Health Services

Faculty-led book groups and support

Annual Conference

Get in touch & we’ll help you make a plan

EQ solutions for social emotional learning

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What are the researched best-practices to put emotional intelligence into action?

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