The Six Seconds’ “Global Office” team supports a worldwide community of trainers, coaches, consultants, and educators working toward supporting a billion people to practice emotional intelligence. 

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Anabel Jensen, Ph.D., President

A world-leading expert on how to teach emotional intelligence, Anabel brings 30 years of pioneering experience as an educator, principal, and professor of education; Anabel has trained over 10,000 educators, parents, and individuals.
Bio | Blog | Follow Anabel on Twitter | Digital Portfolio | LinkedIN

Joshua Freedman, MCC, Chief Executive Officer

An expert in creating change and increasing value by tapping emotion, Joshua has led successful EQ programs in organizations and schools, and led the creation of the world’s largest network of EQ experts.
Bio | Bio website | Blog | Follow Josh on Twitter | LinkedIN  

Susan Stillman, Ed.D., Director of Education

With years of experience as an educational leader, scholar-practitioner, K-12 school counselor, and higher ed faculty, Susan brings a diverse background and set of skills to bear on her mission to build and sustain the Six Seconds’ educational programs. Bio | Blog | LinkedIN

Tom Procicchiani, Research & Development Engineer

Blending both “sides of the brain,” Tom brings the logic of management engineering and a passion for connecting with people to develop simply powerful tools that measure what matters.

Patty Freedman, Director of Marketing

Blending visual communication, animation and education, Patty makes Six Seconds’ materials compelling and clear.

Jenny Wiley, Operations Director

With a background as a business owner and educator, Jenny manages Six Seconds’ certification process and course registration, and is in charge of the EQ Store / Six Seconds’ products. LinkedIN 

Marilynn Jorgensen, Master Trainer

An educator, trainer, counselor and Professional Certified Coach, Marilynn helps people and teams gain insight and grow. Marilynn’s clients benefit from her 3 decades as an educational administrator, counselor, and business owner.  Marilynn leads Six Seconds’ Coaching practice. Bio

Paul Stillman, Ph.D., Director of Organizational Vitality

Paul has over 30 years of experience as a healthcare executive and consultant. He leads global efforts to promote the use of Vital Signs, Six Seconds’ suite of organization assessment tools. He has a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems and is a Life Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. Bio | LinkedIN 

Michael Miller, Librarian

Michael Miller is a writer and contributor for Six Seconds. He is passionate about living a balanced, healthy life and helping others to do the same.

Ilaria Boffa, Program Manager

Ilaria is an advocate for emotional intelligence in education, supporting schools, universities, and community organizations to build great places to learn. LinkedIN | Bio

Lorea Martinez, SEL Consultant

An educator and scholar, Lorea supports evidence-based implementation of social emotional learning to create schools where children, youth and adults feel safe, included and connected with the world around them. Full Bio

Yoshimi Miyazaki, Program Manager, SEI

Yoshimi manages training in the SEI assessment for the global office, leading the 1-1 certification program and supporting effective use of this powerful toolset. Bio

Kate Faver, Social Media Manager

Kate feeds the hungry maw of our social media streams, bringing current neuroscience, tips on emotions, and intriguing data about “how people work” to over 100,000 followers in our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN groups.

Muhammad Noman, IT Team Leader

Drawing on extensive experience in application development, Noman manages Six Seconds’ IT processes and AGILE implementation with a focus on security, customer care, and developing people.

Global Office

Joshua Freedman

Joshua Freedman

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Freedman

Joshua Freedman

Chief Executive Officer

Six Seconds’ Chief Executive Officer, Master Certified Coach

Joshua is one of the world’s preeminent experts on developing emotional intelligence to improve performance. He leads the world’s largest network of emotional intelligence practitioners, researchers, and experts, creating positive change in over 175 nations. He is one of a handful of experts in the world with over 20 years of full-time experience in this emerging field.

Freedman is author of the best-selling At the Heart of Leadership, as well as The Vital Organization, and INSIDE CHANGE: Transforming Your Organization with Emotional Intelligence, Whole-Hearted Parenting, plus dozens of cases and articles including The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence, The Workplace Vitality Report, and The State of the Heart.  He is coauthor of six validated psychometric assessments including the EQ Leadership Report and the Organizational Vital Signs climate measure.

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