Distill the Value of Emotional Intelligence Into Every Training

Get certified as a Brain Profiler (BPC) and equip yourself with four practical, powerful tools to develop insight and performance.

Integrate emotional intelligence seamlessly.

Learning professionals, trainers, educators, HR teams and more use the Brain Profiles to introduce emotional intelligence, improve self-awareness, and strengthen communication and collaboration.


“This course is a must for any company committed to excellence in learning and development to unlock human potential.”

Jimmy Daniel

Senior Management Education Facilitator, FedEx Express

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Do you want to study with the world’s leader in emotional intelligence and equip yourself with tools to fuel growth & development?

What’s Your Brain Style?

Everyone’s brain processes information differently. The key to working well with yourself and others is developing the self-awareness to know your patterns and tendencies and how that shows up in your work and life. This course trains you to use 4 tools – the Brain Brief Profile, Brain Talent Profile, Brain Discovery Profile, and Group Dashboard – that distill the power of an advanced emotional intelligence assessment into 1-page of quick, meaningful insight. It’s perfect for introducing the concept of emotional intelligence and increasing people’s self-awareness and ability to work together.

This course combines Six Seconds’ tools and training methods with the latest research on neuroscience and emotional intelligence. You’ll learn how to deliver, interpret, and debrief the the Brain Profile Suite. You can support others’ EQ development with quantifiable feedback, and turn insight into action with a practical framework for growth.

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Emotional Intelligence Case Studies

The SEI is used in over 150 countries for a broad range of training, coaching, selection, and development needs in organizations from FedEx to Qatar Airways to the U.N. Browse our case study library to see how these tools and changing lives and organizations around the world.

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I have been using Six Seconds tools for more than three years, and my clients find the insights a great asset for growth and development in both their business and personal lives.

Dr. Abdulhai Megdad

CEO, Mega Consult

A highly recommended program for anyone interested in emotional intelligence.

Danielle Dols

GM & Training Expert, Avantis

This program enabled me to apply the tools and learning with immediate effect. The learning can be applied to self, at work and to my social network circle at large.

Callister Koh

Chief Human Capital Officer, Tecom Investments

Get better results.

Over the past 25 years, Six Seconds has trained over 25,000 people to have the skills and insights to create better workplace culture, productivity, teamwork, decision making, insight and resiliency. You will gain access to powerful tools for introducing and improving emotional intelligence – with remarkable results. Like all our programs, the BPC offers practical tools grounded in robust science so you have the perfect blend of simplicity and depth.

We can’t wait to get you started measuring and developing EQ!

Brain Profiler Certification Course Details

Become a Certified Brain Profiler with Six Seconds and equip yourself with a powerful toolset to introduce and explore emotional intelligence.


  • Format – All-virtual or blended options + eLearning & project work
  • Investment – $275 to $495 + Unlocking EQ, which is a prerequisite
  • Languages – available in English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Japanese, Arabic
  • Scope – 10 hours + eLearning and project work


Unlocking EQ 

Learn the why, what and how of the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence.
 All  6.5 hrs   in-person certification course  online-virtual certification course  UEQ Details | Schedule


Brain Profiler Certification

Get certified as a Brain Profiler and learn to administer, interpret, and utilize the three Brain Profile tools as well as the invaluable Group Dashboard.
All  16 hrs   in-person   online-virtual certification course BPC Details | Schedule

Upcoming Brain Profiler Certifications

Integrate Emotional Intelligence in Every Training

Get certified as a Brain Profiler (BPC) and equip yourself with four practical, powerful tools to develop insight and performance.