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Welcome to Six Seconds’ Europe region!

We’re here to support effective implementation of emotional intelligence in the European region, with a community of EQ coaches, facilitators, educators & consultants serving every sector.

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Explore the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence with free articles, videos and more — or scroll down to get in touch with us!

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Get certified with the global leaders in emotional intelligence. Learn how you can become an EQ Coach, Consultant, Facilitator or SEL Specialist. 

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Meet the Europe Regional team and find Six Seconds partners in Europe, or email [email protected]

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Are you a company wanting to bring EQ into your organization? Get in touch using the form below! Click here for more about the methods, case studies, and how businesses in Europe can benefit from EQ. Want to discuss with an EQ Biz Consultant (in English, Spanish, French, or German)? Email [email protected].

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Equip yourself with hands-on tools and resources to use with your coaching clients, students, or in EQ workshops. Shop EQ assessments, including  the Brain Brief Profile to learn your Brain Style! For enquiries about product availability and shipping costs within Europe, email [email protected].

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