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Free Friendship and Empathy Kit from Red Nose Day & Six Seconds

BY Patty Freedman EQ Education,

In a time where so many children feel disconnected and alone, it’s time to share skills for being and making friends!

Impact on Women at Work: 3 Key Insights on Female Leadership

BY Michael Miller EQ Business,

Two major research studies combine to offer compelling insights on women at work

What’s Wrong with Self-Help?

BY Michael Miller EQ Life,Six Seconds,

Self-help can be a force for good, but there are pitfalls. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to get the most out of self-help.

How Do You Want Your Students to Feel? Emotional Intelligence Tips for Teaching

BY Joshua Freedman EQ Education,

Learning is both an emotional and rational process. How do we blend the two? Here is a map teachers and trainers can use to bring head and heart together in learning.

Why Emotional Intelligence for Managers? Practical Tips and Resources to Improve Performance

BY Michael Miller EQ Business,

Research consistently finds that emotional intelligence is the key driver of success for managers – but how does it work to bring emotional intelligence for managers?

Is It Possible to Change? 5 Tips from Emergent Strategy Where Climate Justice and Social Justice Meet

BY Joshua Freedman EQ Business,EQ Life,

Facing vast challenges, it’s easy to lose optimism. Yet new research says it’s the key to change. How do we renew this resource? The combination of emotional intelligence and Emergent Strategy offers a path

Stress Kills… But Is It All Bad? EQ Insights to Reduce Stress

BY Patty Freedman EQ Life,

“Challenge” stress energizes and increases efficiency; “threat” stress literally kills. And the difference is how you think about stress.

Increase Resilience with Three Key Neuroscience Facts + Strategies from Emotional Intelligence

BY Michael Miller EQ Life,

Decades of research show three essential ingredients to grow resilience – powered by emotional intelligence. Here’s how.

Employees Are Facing Burnout. 5 Evidence-Based Emotional Intelligence Strategies for Leaders to Rekindle the Fire

BY Michael Miller EQ Business,

Burnout is caused by basic emotional needs going unmet, and the antidote is for leaders and employees to leverage emotional intelligence.

Active Listening as a Leader: 4 Ways to Use Emotional Intelligence To Listen Well

BY Joshua Freedman EQ Business,

Exceptional leaders have mastered the art of deep, active listening. Here are 4 practical tips to use emotional intelligence to listen well.

How Did the Pandemic Impact People’s Emotional Intelligence? 3 Key Insights – New Research

BY Michael Miller Six Seconds,

Key insights from the world’s largest emotional intelligence study on optimism, decision making and more during COVID-19

7 Emotional Intelligence Facts: Take the Quiz and Get Practical Tips to Apply Today

BY Michael Miller EQ Life,

Test your knowledge of emotional intelligence and gain key insights to bring EQ to life at home and at work

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