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Motivational Interviewing: 8 Questions to Ask Clients to Motivate Change

BY Michael Miller Six Seconds,

Motivational interviewing is a communication technique that engages people’s intrinsic motivation to make changes – with powerful results.

Want a Good Life? 3 Lessons from Harvard Grant Study

BY Michael Miller EQ Life,Six Seconds,

Harvard study, more than 80 years old, identifies the common threads of a long, satisfying life. So what makes a good life? And how can this study’s findings help us make better decisions in our own lives?

Research: The Key to Leading Change Successfully Is Emphasizing What Will Stay the Same

BY Michael Miller EQ Business,

The secret of successful change efforts is to stress what… isn’t changing? Research sheds light on the neuroscience of change.

21 EQ Resources for Emotional Wellbeing for COVID

BY Joshua Freedman EQ Life,Six Seconds,

In the storms of volatility fueled by COVID-19 news, both real and sensational, how do we maintain equilibrium? Collected resources on emotional intelligence to help.

13 Tips to Reduce Stress & Anxiety During Covid-19

BY Anabel Jensen EQ Life,

Looking at the neuroscience of stress and anxiety offers practical strategies for us to “cook up” more happiness.

Is It Possible to Change? 5 Tips from Emergent Strategy for a Just & Thriving Future

BY Joshua Freedman Six Seconds,

Facing vast challenges, it’s easy to lose optimism. Yet new research says it’s the key to change. How do we renew this resource? The intersection of EQ and Emergent Strategy offers a path

Goals, Purpose and Meaning: What’s the Difference?

BY Michael Miller Six Seconds,

Goals, purpose and meaning are often used interchangeably, but there are key differences between these concepts. Understanding how they differ can help us create alignment between what we do, why, and the impact we want to have.

Igniting Hope in our Students: Three Sparks

BY guest EQ Education,

Educators and parents are concerned about children and youth becoming cynical about making the world a better place. They seem to be losing hope. Dr. Maurice Elias offers three strategies to change that.

5 SEL Check-In Activities for Your Classroom

BY guest EQ Education,

Social emotional learning is essential for academic and life success. Here are 5 quick, easy check-in activities to bring SEL to life in your classroom.

Improve your Virtual Classroom with Social Emotional Learning: 10 Tips for Teachers and Students

BY guest EQ Education,Six Seconds,

Get practical tips and activities to teach social emotional learning virtually.

Empathy vs. Sympathy: What’s the Difference?

BY Michael Miller EQ Life,

Learn the key difference of empathy vs. sympathy, including the most common sympathy traps. Plus tips to put empathy into action!

Why Telling Your Coaching Clients to “Find Your Purpose” Is Bad Advice

BY Michael Miller Six Seconds,

Purpose is essential for thriving, but many people go about it the wrong way. Here are 3 tips to help clients to stop looking for purpose, and start making it.

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