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Get comprehensive tools & training to lead evidence-based social emotional learning

Social emotional learning is essential.

The learnable, measurable skills of emotional intelligence are correlated with increased academic achievement, better health, stronger relationships, greater self-efficacy, and improved quality of life. Every kid deserves to learn these crucial skills, and as a certified SEL Specialist, you will have the tools and training to create this optimal learning context.

“The practical demonstration of emotional intelligence competencies and clear explanations of research have helped me gain confidence and feel energized to implement SEL at my school.”

Meghan Magillian

Counselor, Sacred Heart School

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Do you want to learn from the world’s leader in emotional intelligence and developers of the original Self-Science SEL curriculum?


SEL is needed today more than ever.

There is overwhelming evidence that our children are facing major social, emotional and mental health obstacles to succeeding at school. 

The only real solution is a comprehensive SEL program, which hundreds of academic studies have linked to improved learning outcomes and better school climate. A meta-analysis of 213 rigorous studies of SEL in schools linked quality SEL instruction to higher academic performance, fewer disruptive behaviors such as aggression, delinquent acts, improved attitudes and behaviors and reduced reports of depression, stress, and anxiety from students and their counselors.

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A Systematic, Comprehensive Approach to SEL

This certification equips internal and independent specialists with one of the world’s only fully-integrated methodologies for SEL – with assessments & curriculum for every stakeholder.


  • Integrate SEL into academics and cocurricular programs
  • Grow emotionally intelligent leaders across the institution to grow & maintain an SEL ecosystem
  • Access the world’s leading emotional intelligence tools

Hear what recent graduates have to say:

This course provided ample opportunities and materials to integrate the Six Seconds and EQ principles into my classroom, my advisory, and my overall philosophy of teaching. I will be grateful to the leaders and the program for the rest of my career.

Rod Jacobsen

English Teacher and Global Citizenship Coordinator, The Thacher School

This was an excellent course. It helped me in many different ways, at a personal and professional level. This was inspiring. I would recommend it.

Helen McVeigh

Chief Inspector of Schools, Cayman Islands

Excellent ‘hands-on’, experimental course to improve your EQ and that of people you impact. Must-do workshop for all leaders as the journey begins from the top.

Sarojini Rao

Principal, Indus International School

You can create an ideal learning environment.

For over 20 years, Six Seconds has been training and supporting people to use emotions as resources – and our history with social emotional learning goes even deeper than that: Six Seconds’ Self-Science curriculum was first published in 1978; in 1992, Daniel Goleman observed the program and dedicated a chapter of his 1995 bestselling book, Emotional Intelligence, to how EQ can work in education.

Six Seconds offers innovative tools and life changing training for educators to create evidence-based social emotional learning (SEL) solutions that work everywhere in the world. You will take away an in-depth understanding of emotional intelligence and practical tools and strategies to implement immediately in your school or classroom. 

We can’t wait to get you started teaching with EQ!

Certified EQ Educator pathway

Earn your advanced professional recognition as a Certified SEL Specialist – equipped to deploy a systematic, developmental, evidence-based approach to social emotional learning using a robust toolbox and methodology. Here is a brief overview of the program:

  • Format – Hybrid of virtual learning and live (either live-online or face to face).
  • Investment – approximately US$7,000 for the entire pathway; price varies depending on options you select and package discounts; contact Six Seconds in your region for specific details.
  • Languages – available in English, Chinese, Spanish (some sections also in Italian)
  • Scope – Earn 4 different certifications across 6 courses, totaling over 150 instructional hours:


EQ Educator 1 (EQE1)
Dive into Six Seconds’ powerful methodology and learn why, and how social emotional learning works – starting with yourself. Access key tools for practicing EQ yourself to model and support these essential skills for learners.
All  8 hrs   in-person  online-virtual   EQE Details | Schedule


EQ Educator 2 (EQE2)
Engage in the ground-breaking Self-Science method for SEL, a comprehensive, systemic, process- driven approach. Apply the actionable EQ model and access essential Self-Science SEL lessons to begin implementation.
All  8 hrs   in-person  online-virtual   EQE Details | Schedule


EQ Educator 3 (EQE3)
Expand and deepen your SEL curriculum by integrating the complete Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Model of learnable, measurable competencies – and go deeper into the full scope and sequence of SEL.
All  8 hrs   in-person  online-virtual   EQE Details | Schedule


EQ Core Certification (UEQ+PC+AC)
Strengthen your capacity to practice EQ to engage others to practice; learn to measure EQ to develop an in-depth evidence-based approach to SEL
All  68 hrs   in-person  online-virtual   EQPC Details | Schedule


Educator Integration (EDI)
Integrate your learning from the Core together with the Youth Version of the SEI and the Education Vital Signs framework to measure SEL implementation
EQ Educators  16 hrs   online-virtual  (EDI details and schedule forthcoming)


Educator Advanced  (EDA)
Build expertise implementing the EQE framework across schools/districts in this “train the trainer” program to scale up SEL in a systemic, developmental framework.
EQ Educators  44 hrs   in-person    (EDA details and schedule forthcoming)

Earn your advanced professional recognition as a Certified SEL Specialist equipped to deploy a systematic, developmental, evidence-based approach to social emotional learning using a robust toolbox and methodology.

Then, continue to Master Class to deepen your practice and become a leader in the EQ community. Learn more.

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