Assessments for SEL

Robust, meaningful data to guide evidence-based social emotional learning 

How do you know your SEL strategies are making a meaningful impact? In evidence-based implementation, measures guide implementation because, “You get what you measure, so measure what matters.” Six Seconds complete assessment systems provide meaningful data with fully-developed tools across the age span (our youth assessment is not a “cut down” adult tool, and there is a consistent model in both). How does it work? See this in-depth case study from the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.

SEI-Youth Version

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence-Youth Version (SEI-YV) is normed, validated online assessment of emotional intelligence and five key outcomes for life success (achievement, health, efficacy, relationships, satisfaction). There are numerous reports from 1-page summaries to in-depth counseling tools as well as group reports. Ages 7+

SEI-perspective Youth Version

For younger children or those with unique abilities, the SEI-pYV allows an adult (eg teacher, parent) to score a child from the adult’s perspective. Numerous reports as above. Ages: Any 

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment

SEI is one of the world’s best emotional intelligence tests; it offers simplicity, clarity, depth, and a path for action. The suite includes a range of reports from 1-page summaries through to fully-customized training workbooks with results embedded. The SEI algorithm includes the world’s first artificial intelligence for the development of emotional intelligence. Ages: 16+

Education Vital Signs

Effective SEL implementation shapes the climate, or context, for learning. Belonging  psychological safety are key ingredients that support or inhibit educational success. To make these intangible drivers visible, Education Vital Signs (EVS) is a normed, validated and customizable school climate assessment.  Ages: All

Six Seconds also published OVS, Organization Vital Signs, for measuring workplace climate – which may be more suitable for large institutions or agencies. Ages: Adult

Grants for Research and Impact

As part of our mission to support the growth of emotional intelligence everywhere in  the world, Six Seconds offers grants to offset costs of assessment for research and social-impact projects.

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EQ solutions for social emotional learning

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Igniting Hope in our Students: Three Sparks

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Why SEL Matters Even More in the Pandemic – and How

Why SEL Matters Even More in the Pandemic – and How

Education is stressed. Teachers, administrators, kids, parents are struggling – so why should we focus on social emotional learning (SEL) at a time like this? And for remote or hybrid teaching, is it even possible?

EQ for UNICEF World Children’s Day (#28)

EQ for UNICEF World Children’s Day (#28)

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What are the researched best-practices to put emotional intelligence into action?

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