You get what you measure… so measure what matters.

Six Seconds’ best-in-class tools get to the heart of what drives performance at work, in school, and for life. Each tool offers not only insightful feedback, but a framework for growth to put that wisdom into action.


Vital Signs

Engage leaders in the people-side of performance

Build buy-in

Accelerate change

Show ROI



Six Seconds EI

Simply powerful insights for growing with EQ

Deepen awareness

Fuel ongoing growth

Ignite the spark

Why Six Seconds?

Why do leaders from places like the UN, FedEx, Amazon, Qatar Airways choose Six Seconds’ tools and methods?

  • Global: Used in 157 countries & territories — this approach works everywhere.
  • Scientific: The latest research creates a robust approach by the pioneers in EQ — these tools are reliable.
  • Practical: It’s not enough to talk about emotional intelligence — Six Seconds helps you put it into action.

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