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While most educators see the value in social-emotional learning, many schools do not have a systematic, comprehensive, developmental approach to these essential skills. These social emotional skills are one of the foundations for high performing students and classrooms.

Educators and SEL leaders join the EQ Educator course for practical tools to teach and practice social emotional learning:
  • Build a classroom culture that supports more effective learning, better problem-solving skills, and stronger interpersonal connections – and end up having more time to pursue all your instructional goals.
  • Confidently implement Self-Science lessons in the classroom and apply the Self-Science process and model in your day-to-day interactions with students and in your current curriculum and lessons.
  • Effectively communicate the value of SEL to parents and other educators as you continue to develop your own social and emotional intelligence.
  • Join the first and only world-wide community with 1000s of professionals dedicated to EQ, working in over 200 countries.

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All Six Seconds certification courses are transformative and not just “one more course to add to your CV”.
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At a Glance: EQ Educator


Educators. SEL leaders.




There are 3 segments, each is 8 hours in person or virtual.

Key tools you can use

Six Seconds Model. SEL Benchmarks. Self-Science Lessons.

Available languages

English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish


Six Seconds is one of the original pioneers in social emotional learning; Self-Science was first published in 1978. Years later in researching his best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Daniel Goleman observed the program: “…the Self Science curriculum stands as a model for the teaching of emotional intelligence.”

This was an excellent course. It helped me in many different ways, at a personal and professional level. This was inspiring. I would recommend it.

Helen McVeigh

Chief Inspector of Schools, Cayman Islands

This course provided ample opportunities and materials to integrate the Six Seconds and EQ principles into my classroom, my advisory, and my overall philosophy of teaching. I will be grateful to the leaders and the program for the rest of my career.

Rod Jacobsen

English Teacher and Global Citizenship Coordinator, The Thacher School, Ojai, California

Excellent ‘hands-on’, experimental course to improve your EQ and that of people you impact. Must-do workshop for all leaders as the journey begins from the top.

Sarojini Rao

Principal, Indus Int’l School, Bangalore, India

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Rooted in research, our hands-on content brings you user-friendly neuroscience you can practice today.

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We promise our training brings EMOTIONS into the room as you experience active and experiential learning designed for all levels.

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With “start where your are” approach our program supports existing leadership and development initiatives, shining a light on strengths.

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As the only global non-profit Emotional Intelligence organization, since 1997 we’ve developed and tested tools and methods to best support people practicing Emotional Intelligence.

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With over 20 certification courses (virtual and live) you can follow a pathway to meet your professional goals.

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What is in the EQ Educator?

While most teachers see the value in teaching their students to effectively understand and manage emotions, few teachers have experienced this kind of learning themselves. As a result, even very experienced teachers have a limited number of strategies and techniques to systematically teach social and emotional skills.. Like all our programs, the EQE is highly active, brain-based, and experiential. The content is based on 50 years of practical teaching experience and the Self-Science curriculum featured as a model in Daniel Goleman’s 1995 bestseller, Emotional Intelligence. 

The three segments of EQ Educator are sequential (eg #1 is a prerequisite for #2) but can be implemented over time:

EQE1: EQ For You

Dive into Six Seconds’ powerful methodology and learn why, and how social emotional learning works – starting with yourself. Access key tools for practicing EQ yourself to model and support these essential skills for learners.

EQE2: SEL Foundations

Engage in the ground-breaking Self-Science method for SEL, a comprehensive, systemic, process- driven approach. Apply the actionable EQ model and access essential Self-Science SEL lessons to begin implementation.

EQE3: EQ Competencies

Expand and deepen your SEL curriculum by integrating the complete Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Model of learnable, measurable competencies – and go deeper into the full scope and sequence of SEL.

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