EQ Coach Certification Lynette


Great blend of teaching and experiential learning that took me from being timid and unsure if I had what it takes to be a coach… to confident and ready to learn from mistakes with fascination.

Lynette Vaive, Sprit of EQ

coach certification neuroscience


This course changed my life.

Natalie Roitman

coach certification neuroscience

EQCC is approved by the International Coach Federation as an “Approved Coach Training Program” with more than enough hours for the Coach Certification as ACC or PCC (click for details)

Foundations to learn about coaching.

Insights to learn why this approach works.

Solutions to learn how to put it all together into a transformational approach. 

Read the course details and outline – and request a detailed outline – below

coach certification neuroscience


The breadth and depth of the course exceeded my expectations! The perfect blend of practicality and inspiration.

May Duong

What’s unique about the EQ Coach Certification?

EQCC offers in-depth training specifically on the International Coach Federation competencies supercharged with emotional intelligence.

Graduates take away range of hands-on, practical tools to make coaching more powerful and measurable, including the Brain Profiles and certification in the SEI assessment suite 

Six Seconds’ learning methodology is world class. Robust design, engaging experiences, well designed materials and remarkable facilitators combine to create a transformational learning process.

Upcoming EQ Coach Certifications

ICF Competencies + Emotional Intelligence + Neuroscience

Coach Certification Training

Coaching is a powerful process to support people to create positive change – which takes thoughts, feelings, and actions working together. Through this journey you’ll learn to apply International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies for the essentials of coaching; a transformational emotional intelligence framework to make coaching highly effective; plus practical tools to provide metrics for growth.

EQCC is approved by the International Coach Federation for 150 “Approved Coach Training Program” (ACTP) — which is more than enough to receive Associate Certified Coach (ACC)  or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification from ICF. (Click here to verify program approval on ICF website.)

After completing the EQ Coach Certification you will be prepared to develop an effective practice as business or personal coach with expertise in the ICF Competencies, powerful EQ tools, and a structure to make coaching into a transformational process. One key differentiator of this program is the deep integration of emotional intelligence as a toolset for your clients, and even more, for the development of self as coach so you are more aware, present, and purposeful in this work.

Six Seconds is an ICF Business Partner

EQ Coach Certification Outline

eq-coach-certificationThere are three steps to earn EQ Coach Certification:

CCF – EQ Coach Certification FOUNDATIONS | Step One

Why, What & How coaching works; 48 hours of live + virtual training + homework.

Precourse eLearning, four day intensive, Postcourse eLearning and practice. On completion, you will have the understanding and skills to strengthen your coaching practice and business and to use the Brain Profiles in your coaching.

CCI – EQ Coach Certification INSIGHTS | Step Two

Concepts and skills to deepen coaching; 46 hours of virtual training including 11 live online sessions + homework.

Blended eLearning, supervised practice, and small-group sessions. On completion, you will know how to make coaching more effective by understanding the theory of change blended with the science and practice of emotional intelligence. You will also develop a strategy and plan to build your coaching practice.

 CCS EQ Coach Certification SOLUTIONS | Step Three

Expertise & process to build coaching solutions; 48 hours of live + virtual training + homework.

Precourse eLearning, four day intensive, Postcourse eLearning and practice. On completion, you will have the knowledge, skill, and confidence to apply the methodology to create an effective coaching program that supports your clients to create positive change.

Evaluation includes supervised coaching plus a written case study.

Detailed Outline

To receive a detailed, day-by-day outline of the course, please fill in this form an you will receive the outline via email:

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Essential Skills for Coach Certification

EQCC is built with three strands woven throughout:

• Self-as-coach: Develop your EQ skills and coaching presence.

• Structured Transformational Coaching: Learn a framework to fuel positive change.

• Coaching Process, Tools and Techniques: Develop expertise in the ICF Competencies and EQ resources.

In total, the EQ Coach Certification includes over 150 instructional hours via eight days of hands-on training filled with laughter and learning, plus in-depth eLearning and virtual online training.

You will learn to:

Increase awareness and skill to be the best possible coach.

Align your awareness, presence and purpose as the foundation for effective coaching.

Effectively structure coaching sessions.

Build a coaching program that measurably improves performance.

Apply coaching competencies, procedures, and tools to support clients to grow.

Build your coaching practice in an effective way.

And you’ll feel inspired and empowered as a coaching change maker, and connected to a community of EQ coaches and practitioners.

This is course is approved by the International Coach Federation as an  “Approved Coach Training Program.” This means on completion, you will have more than enough training hours for your ACC or PCC Coach accreditation.

On completion of the full program (parts 1, 2 and 3) you will also earn accreditation as a Certified EQ Coach from Six Seconds.

A mind shifting experience in coaching that makes coaching more trust worthy because of all the EQ tools

Solafa Baterjee

CEO, Doroob

This highly practical and interactive training with clear vision to start my coaching

Dr Megdad

CEO, Mega Career Consultancy

I don’t know how I operated as a member of a senior leadership team without knowing the brain profile.

Ahed Abou Ghazal

Vice Principal, Al Najah Private School

A practical, empowering course which provided a safe space to gain insights & effectively learn the coaching process

Maggie Williams

Executive Coach

What did I do without Six Seconds and its brain profile/SEI and EQ training?

Melanie Blanchard

Head of advising, KAUST

Great tools to help people recognize their strengths and make a positive transformation.

Swetha Reddy

Founder, Kaizen Chennai

Deep though provoking program for coaching, and I feel personally uplifted as a coach and a person

Jennifer Becker


For true coaching, this is the course to take. It covers things you did not even know you needed.

Jim Vaive

CEO, Spirit of EQ

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