Emotional intelligence helped me be a better parent. Here’s what I wish I knew about parenting 16 years ago…


“Josh Freedman offers parents sane and sound advice about how to raise good kids. Whole-Hearted Parenting is a reader-friendly, no-blame, guide to parenthood that any mom or dad will find of great use – especially in those trying moments when it’s not clear what to do.”

 – Daniel Goleman, author Emotional Intelligence

Whole-Hearted Parenting

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whole-hearted-parenting-front-01Whole-Hearted Parenting offers hundreds of tips and insights that can help you figure out your own answers. Along the way, you might discover your key to unravel tension and create balance. You will learn how to:

  • Effectively blend thinking and feelings in your parenting

  • Use emotions to help focus and motivate your kids

  • Leverage the power of optimism to make parenting more fun

  • Respond intentionally instead of reacting on autopilot

  • Strengthen empathy to better understand and influence your child

Whole-Hearted Parenting Excerpt

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