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We are the first & by far the largest global nonprofit community 100% focused on emotional intelligence. We were created by the pioneers of teaching EQ — meet your team & board, read about the history of EQ

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Read some of the case studies to see how Six Seconds’ methods & tools work at places like FedEx, Komatsu, the US Navy, HSBC, Hyundai, as well as schools and nonprofits. Read about the methodology.

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In addition to great tools & methods for every day… we’re here to Pursue Noble Goals.  Here’s our vision and  check the map. Then read what real people say about this life changing, world changing work.

If you’re looking for powerful tools & a robust methodology for EQ… and you believe that this means starting with yourself… and you want to be part of the global EQ movement… Six Seconds is right for you.

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The first course is Unlocking EQ — dive into Why, What, & How Emotional Intelligence & Six Seconds works

Unlocking EQ

Immerse yourself in Six Seconds’ unique approach to create value with emotional intelligence and see how this method works for you.

Prerequisites: none

Duration: 1 day in person or 8 hours online/virtual 

Earn: Six Seconds Ally designation; access to the TFA Experience for sharing the core of Six Seconds’ method, plus 6 ACE Units 

Details: Please see details about Unlocking EQ here!

Schedule: See the calendar of upcoming certifications

This is the only course of its kind – ideal for people seeking to incorporate emotional intelligence (EQ) into their work and life.

In this course you will…

• Develop a clear “case” for emotional intelligence.

• Explore the Six Seconds Model, a process framework for making emotional intelligence practical.

• Review some of the latest research on the brain, emotions, and performance.

• Clarify your vision and define key goals for your own EQ development.

• Learn to use the TFA Cards to introduce EQ.


Specialty Programs

After “Unlocking” continue with these short programs to learn a specific tool or method

Brain Profiler Certification

The certification equips you to use the powerful EQ Brain Profiles. The PROFILES distill the power of an advanced assessment tool into one page for compelling, quick, meaningful insight into your brain. You’ll experience the power of these tools to strengthen key business applications: Improved Communication, Selecting and Developing Talent, Strategic Planning

Prerequisites: Unlocking EQ

Duration: 8 hours of learning. Delivered either live (in person) or virtual.

Earn: Certified Brain Profiler
Plus earn 6 ACE Units!

Details: Please see details about Brain Profiler Certification here!

Schedule: See the calendar of upcoming Brain Profiler certifications

In this course you will learn about…

  • The three EQ Profiles and the Dashboard that you will be able to use to introduce and develop EQ.
  • Your own BRAIN STYLE and BRAIN TALENTS and how to leverage these EQ insights to improve.
  • How to use the Profiles in practical applications.
  • Developing a practical implementation plan leveraging your Brain Style and Brain Talents to increase effectiveness.

Learn more about the Brain Profiles

Vital Signs Certification

The certification equips you to use the Vital Signs assessments, an invaluable toolset for focusing on the people-side of performance.

Prerequisites: Unlocking EQ

Duration: 2 days in person or 16 hours online/virtual  plus practice and final practicum

Earn: Vital Signs Certified; access to LVS, TVS, OVS
Plus earn 12 ACE Units!

Options: Add Education Vital Signs for work in K12 education

Details: Please see details about Vital Signs Certification here!

Schedule: See the calendar of upcoming Vital Signs Certifications – or contact us to schedule your VS 1-1

Vital Signs are statistically validated measures that capture key information about the people side of performance. Built on a model with solid business logic as well as sound science, the tools connect people’s perceptions and attitudes with hard business outcomes in an actionable, practical framework.

In this course you will learn about…

  • The Vital Signs Model as a framework for people-performance.
  • How to deliver and interpret the Leadership Vital Signs assessment.
  • How to deliver and interpret the Team Vital Signs assessment — and touch on the Organizational Vital Signs tool.
  • The Change MAP as a structure for organization your implementation plan.

Learn more about the Vital Signs toolset

Coach Certification Foundations

Develop powerful coaching skills strengthened by EQ and the Brain Profiles in CCF, the first step toward EQ Coach Certification.

Prerequisites: UEQ. CCF includes the Brain Profiler Certification courses.

Duration: 4 days in person + 4 hours elearning + post-course practice

Earn: Brain Profiler Certification. 40 hours toward ICF Certification

Plus earn 12 ACE Units!

Details: Please see details about Coach Certification Foundations here!

ScheduleSee the schedule of upcoming Coach Cert Foundations courses

In this practical, hands-on coach-skill-building program, you build your capacity to conduct an effective 1-1 coaching session by applying the ICF competencies and emotional intelligence. After completing EQ Coach Foundations you will be prepared to begin building your practice as a coach, utilizing the Brain Profiles.


Through this course, you will…

  • Know what it means to be a coach and how coaching works best
  • Understand the pathway to earn International Coach Federation Certification
  • Be able to apply ICF Core Competencies to set the foundation for effective coaching.
  • Know key coaching concepts from neuroscience, emotional intelligence, the theory of change.
  • Be able to administer the Brain Brief, Brain Talent, and Brain Discovery Profiles and use them in coaching conversations.
  • Be able to identify your own core strengths and develop them to co-create the coaching relationship.
  • Feel inspired and empowered as a coaching change maker, and connected to a community of EQ coaches and practitioners.
Insights for People Management

Profilers, learn to use a highly practical workshop on people-management, built around a 50-page workbook customized for every participant.

Prerequisites: Unlocking EQ, Brain Profiler Certification

Duration: 8 hours of learning, either in-person or virtual

Earn: license to use IPM (EQ Insights for People Management — a personalized 50-page workbook generated by taking SEI) and the 1+ day workshop curriculum.
Plus earn 12 ACE Units!

Schedule: See the calendar of upcoming certifications

How do you practically apply the concepts of the Brain Profiles to make a WOW workshop for managers? Brain Profilers, join this 1-day certification to use the powerful EQ Insights for People Management workbook-report & workshop curriculum.

Through this train-the-trainer certification, qualified Brain Profilers will:
  • Get clarity to communicate the value of IPM with a sample proposal
  • Experience key exercises from the IPM workshop and review the slides & facilitator kit
  • Be able to plan a workshop including administering SEI and generating the personalized workbooks (they work like other SEI reports)

EQ Insights for People Management (IPM) is a powerful 1-day training workshop to build insight for managing people. Participants learn about themselves and how their Brain Style and Brain Talents are driving their approach managing people… and how to build on this self-awareness to be more effective at influencing team members. The people who you will be training using these materials each get a personalized 50-page workbook that is a combination of their emotional intelligence assessment results, individual guide to the course activities, and personalized tips to improve managerial competence.

Note: The IPM report-workbook is 60 credits and the IPM training can only be used when purchasing the report for each participant.
The IPM Certification includes your IPM workbook + USB with slides and sample proposal


EQ Educator

Learn the Self-Science methodology and develop your own EQ for effective social emotional learning.

Prerequisites: Unlocking EQ

Duration: 2 days in person

Earn: EQ Educator certificate of attendance; access to special SEL lessons in the library
Plus earn 12 ACE Units!

Schedule: See the calendar of upcoming EQ Educator certifications

Details: Please see details about EQ Educator here!

This intensive 2-day course equips educators to be more effective in teaching, modeling, and integrating Social Emotional Learning (SEL). By attending, you will be better able to:

  • Confidently develop and implement SEL lessons and activities in your classroom
  • Apply the Six Seconds Self-Science process and model in your day-day interactions with students
  • Effectively communicate the value of SEL to parents, other educators, and your school leaders
  • Strengthen your own emotional intelligence to be more insightful, connected, and purposeful

EQE develops capacity in the first six of the Benchmarks for Social Emotional Learning

Youth Version Assessor Certification

This course provides certification in the SEI-YV and pYV and an understanding of the role of assessments in social emotional learning.

Prerequisites: Unlocking EQ and Assessor Certification

Duration: 2 online classes of 90 min. plus 1hr individual practicum. Additional 2+ hours of eLearning, and 2 hours of practice debriefing youth clients.

Earn: Youth Version Assessor Certification (YVAC) plus earn 8  ACE Units

Schedule: See the calendar of upcoming SEI-YV certifications

Details: Please see details about EQ Assessor and YV add-on here!

This certification introduces participants to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and its demonstrated importance in educational development. Participants will study the Six Seconds’ benchmarks for integrating SEL into a school setting and understand the value of assessments for adults and youth, for integration into curriculum, for classroom climate, and school culture.  The SEI-YV and pYV measures and their applications are a critical part of this process.

Participants will learn to administer, interpret  and debrief the SEI-YV, the Six Seconds youth assessment and the pYV, the “perspective on youth’ assessment taken by adults. The SEI-YV and pYV equip youth, family members, educators, coaches and counselors with a powerful tool for measuring and working with youth on their emotional intelligence competencies and life barometers and using that data to support their growth.  

Additional measures such as the EVS mini for classroom teachers and the Brain Profiles for youth will be discussed and referral to these resources made available.

Through this course, you will learn about…

  • Intro to Social and Emotional Learning, benefits, research and applications
  • The SEI-YV and how to administer, interpret and debrief it
  • The unique challenges of youth assessments and the need to examine confidentiality and informed consent.
  • The pYV, perspective on youth for parents or other adults,
  • Developing a practical implementation plan leveraging the SEI-YV and the pYV to increase youth, family, and school effectiveness.
Education Vital Signs

How do you measure the impact of SEL and engage everyone in the school to create a great place to learn? The Education Vital Signs assessment provides a quick, clear, reliable picture of school climate (the context in which people are learning and working). It is invaluable for improving schools and other educational environments.

Prerequisites: Unlocking EQ

Duration: 8 hours online / virtual classroom

Earn: Education Vital Signs certification with license to purchase and use the EVS tool
Plus earn 8 ACE Units!

Schedule: See the calendar of upcoming certifications

In this highly-practical course you’ll learn to:

  • Plan and administer the EVS school climate assessment
  • Interpret the EVS results
  • Utilize best practices to implement the EVS process and discuss the results

Read more about the Education Vital Signs assessment

Core Programs

After “Unlocking” go deep and deeper with these powerful certifications in the core tools & methods

EQ Practitioner

The certification follows Six Seconds’ Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself model for learning to develop and apply emotional intelligence.

Prerequisites: Unlocking EQ

Duration: 3 days in person + eLearning & practice (5 hours)

Earn: Certified EQ Practitioner; access to KCG Profile
Plus 12 ACE Units

Details: Please see details about EQ Practitioner here!

ScheduleSee the schedule of upcoming EQPC courses

Experience an EQ learning environment and a range of effective tools and processes that strengthen emotional intelligence.

In this course you will…

• Understand the Six Seconds Model and the eight core competencies to put emotional intelligence into action.

• Take home dozens of proven EQ exercises and learning tools that you can use yourself and with your teams/families/clients.

• Experience Six Seconds’ learning design that will enhance the effectiveness of all your training, coaching & teaching.

• Strengthen your own emotional intelligence.

• Be able to utilize the SEI Assessment with the “KCG Profile,” a practical self-assessment for introducing the value of EQ.

EQ Assessor

A complete toolset to measure and develop the key drivers of performance, the SEI assessments support professionals get better results on the “people-side.”

Prerequisites: Unlocking EQ

Options: “EQAC-Education” option available for those working in educational settings

Duration: 32 hours of learning. Delivered either blended live+virtual, or all virtual.

Earn: Certified EQ Assessor; access to full SEI Reports; optional: SEI-YV and SEI360
Plus 12 ACE Units

Details: Please see details about EQ Assessor here!

ScheduleSee the schedule of upcoming EQAC courses – or contact us to schedule your EQAC virtual

Unlike other psychometric tools which provide an abstract diagnosis, the SEI provides practical feedback and a process for action. Created by world leaders in emotional intelligence development, SEI tools are statistically rigorous, highly practical, and with a global view – which is why they’re chosen by leading organizations including FedEx, HSBC, Emaar Hospitality, the US Navy, Pfizer, and Microsoft.

In this course you will

• Understand the Six Seconds Model as a clear, actionable model for applying EQ

• Build the knowledge and skills to deliver, interpret, and debrief the SEI

• Strengthen your coaching skills by adding EQ tools and methods

• Learn to structure 1-1 debriefs and larger interventions using the Change MAP

• Enhance and leverage your own emotional intelligence

Learn more about the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment


Integration Programs

After “Core” get support to apply the tools & methods to your specific application


How do you most effectively apply the methods & tools from the Core certifications to deliver a powerful workshop or course?

Prerequisites: CORE (+ recommended: Brain Profiler Certification)

Duration: 10 hours online/virtual learning

Details: Please see details about Facilitator Integration here!

ScheduleSee the schedule of upcoming FI courses

Options: Facilitation comes in both business & education tracks

In three virtual classroom (online) sessions, you’ll work with one of Six Seconds’ most experienced facilitators to plan your own workshops or courses utilizing the materials from Core, and from the EQ Practitioner library.

If you’ve done the Brain Profiler Certification, the BBP, BTP & Dashboard will be utilized as ideal tools for introducing EQ in groups.

ACE: ready to renew your certifications? Earn 12 ACE Units for completing this course


In CCI, Coach Cert Integration, you’ll work to effectively apply the methods & tools from the Core certifications to strengthen 1-1 coaching. At the end of CCI (with pre-requisites), you’ll have earned enough ICF accredited Coach Specific Training Hours to apply for your Associate Certified Coach designation.

Prerequisites: either:

  • CCF (Coach Certification Foundations) + Core, or
  • ICF certification + Core

Duration: 5 live virtual online sessions + eLearning and independent practice

Details: Please see details about Coaching Integration here!

ScheduleSee the schedule of upcoming Coaching Integration courses

Options: Focus your coaching on business, education, or life coaching

In five virtual classroom (online) sessions, you’ll revisit the ICF competencies and how these interweave with the EQ competencies and the methods you utilized in Core.

You’ll go deeper on using the SEI as a tool to accelerate coaching, not just a “tool to debrief,” but a framework to make coaching even more powerful.

ACE: ready to renew your certifications? Earn 12 ACE Units for completing this course


As a consultant working to solve organizational challenges and structure transformation, how do you apply the key concepts from the Core certifications?

Prerequisites: CORE (+ recommended: Vital Signs Certification; EQ Educator for education track)

Options: Consulting can be followed in either a business or education track

Duration: Around 12 hours of online/virtual classes and eLearning + project work

Details: Please see details about Consultant Integration here!

ScheduleSee the schedule of upcoming Consultant Integration courses

Through virtual classroom (online) sessions, eLearning, cases and projects, you’ll work with one of Six Seconds’ most experienced consultants to plan your own process of integrating EQ in your consulting practice.

If you focus in education, you’ll revisit the Benchmarks for Social Emotional Learning and the Education Vital Signs tools as frameworks to structure SEL implementation.

On the corporate side, you’ll revisit the use of SEI data from a strategic perspective, and begin utilizing the Vital Signs framework to understand organizational needs from an EQ perspective.

In either case, you’ll see organizational challenges in a new light as you “look through EQ glasses” to understand how to support your clients to apply the essential principle of EQ for organizations: emotions drive people, and people drive performance.

ACE: ready to renew your certifications? Earn 12 ACE Units for completing this course


What will it look like and feel like to fully integrate the EQ model and tools into your life?

Prerequisites: CORE

Duration: Approx 10 hours of eLearning & virtual online classes

Partner with a team and a Six Seconds’ coach to develop a clear plan and process to PRACTICE emotional intelligence in your daily life. Through exercises, journaling, and dialogue, you’ll pick an area of your life to strengthen with EQ… and do so.

ACE: ready to renew your certifications? Earn 12 ACE Units for completing this course


Advanced Certifications

After “Integration” go pro with these highly specialized programs with professional designation

Certified EQ Coach

Design effective coaching solutions leveraging the ICF competencies and Six Seconds’ methodology.

Prerequisites: Coach Certification Foundations + Core + Coach Certification Integration

Options: Coaches can specialize in education, business, parenting, or life coaching

Duration: eLearning (10 hours) +  in-person training (4 days) + mentor coaching (1 hour)

Earn: Certified EQ Coach, plus sufficient hours for ICF Professional Certified Coach
Plus 12 ACE Units

You will learn to:

• Increase awareness and skill to be the best possible coach.

• Align your awareness, presence and purpose as the foundation for effective coaching.

• Effectively structure coaching sessions.

• Build a coaching program that measurably improves performance.

• Apply coaching competencies, procedures, and tools to support clients to grow.

• Build your coaching practice in an effective way.

Certified EQ Consultant

Leverage Six Seconds methods and tools for organizational transformation

Prerequisites: Core + Consultant Integration + VS Certification; demonstrated competence/experience in consulting basics (such as business needs analysis, financial analysis)

Options: Consultants can specialize in business/organizations or education (requires EVS Certification + EQE)

Details: Please see details about the Certified EQ Consultant here!

ScheduleSee the schedule of upcoming Consultant Advanced courses

Duration: 4 days in person + virtual/online learning & project work

Earn: Certified EQ Consultant
Plus 12 ACE Units

In this program, you will learn:

  • How to conduct analysis and define the opportunities in a way that builds alignment and engagement
  • How to structure a consulting intervention that increases ROI (eg, saving clients money or improving results)
  • How to blend the Vital Signs and SEI models to go from situational awareness to individual transformation to organizational transformation
Certified EQ Facilitator

Design and deliver transformational learning using Six Seconds methods

Prerequisites: Core + Facilitator Integration + Brain Profiler Certification

Options: Facilitators can specialize in business/organizations or education (requires EQE)

Duration: 4 days in person + virtual/online learning & project work

Details: Please see details about the Certified EQ Facilitator here!

ScheduleSee the schedule of upcoming Advanced Facilitator courses

Earn: Certified EQ Facilitator
Plus 12 ACE Units

In this course you will…

• Learn how to design learning the Six Seconds’ way to increase the impact of any content.

• Become more effective as a facilitator / teacher.

• Brush up on the latest science of learning – including neuroplasticity, hot cognition, and the primary routes of information processing.

• Strengthen your “stage skills.”

• Clarify your voice as your apply KCG to yourself as an instructional leader.

You’ve experienced the incredible power of Six Seconds’ teaching.
Come learn how to deliver it.


Master Class

After “Advanced” join the core of the network

Master Class

This powerful program supports you to Pursue your Noble Goal and become more successful as an EQ change maker. Working closely with the Six Seconds’ team and a group of highly committed advanced allies, you will:

  • Increase your expertise with the Six Seconds’ methodologies to design and deliver effective EQ-powered change programs.
  • Expand your knowledge base about emotions, behavior, performance, and learning.
  • Enhance your insights and make plans to effectively market and sell your EQ work.
  • Forge a powerful, mutually supportive network.
  • Develop and strengthen your own EQ competencies.

Prerequisites: at least one Advanced Certification

Duration: six months, including 7-day residential program

Earn: Advanced Practitioner Certification by completing a Master Class project / case study with support from your Regional Network Director
Plus 12 ACE Units

In this program, you will…

Engage: You will do a self-reflection process, meet with a coach, and define your goals for the program. You’ll identify Six Seconds tools & methods where you choose to increase expertise – and begin to define your MC project. Then you’ll create a work plan to achieve that.

Activate: During the in-person week, there will be a variety of mini-courses and collaborative working sessions focused on Six Seconds’ tools and methods, such as:

  • Structuring long-term programs using the Vital Signs.
  • Coaching the Six Seconds Way
  • Designing interventions blending coaching, training, and consulting.
  • Developing customized reports/profiles/programs integrating your approach with Six Seconds’ tools.
  • Strengthening your sales and marketing.
  • Plus sharing of case studies, working groups on projects, design of communication materials, support for research, and more.

We will also have time for project work plus open time to explore and develop/strengthen relationships. The program focuses on small groups working together and choosing between a variety of mini-workshop sessions presented by the Six Seconds’ team and participants.  It’s a real “workshop” process – self-directed, very hands-on, and collaborative.

Reflect: Then, after the week together, you’ll continue with your coach to implement and complete your Master Class project where you’ll apply what you learned.


A robust methodology based on decades of research – we translate cutting edge science into practical applications.

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The only EQ organization led by experts from around the world – these tools create value for people from over a hundred countries.

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For us, EQ is not something to “talk about,” it’s something to put in action. We are a network of change makers.

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Probably the best training course I have ever attended in 25 years of business.

James Dewar

Director, RMD Kwikform

A transformation program for yourself, your organization, and the world. You have inspired me for the next 100 years – thank you.

Genny Kresic

Director, MCAP

Just the right mix of tools and personal growth.

Baisan Abbas

Lead Service Delivery Manager, Ericsson

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