The leadership at Vega energy was running out of gas. The vibrant startup period was over, and it was time for the company to move to the next level. Who would lead, and how?

Infusing emotional intelligence to vitalize a new leadership team, the company more than doubled the number of “engaged” employees, and improved from 24% “disengaged” to just 9%. At the same time, they secured $6 billion in new revenues and tripled long-term revenue stream with minimal increase in full-time employees.

EQ to Revitalize Leadership at Vega Energy

In the new case, “Creating & Sustaining a Vital Corporate Culture @ Vega,” Daphne Bernicker, founder of HumanAim (a Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner) provides a detailed explanation of the processes and measures that supported the growth a new leadership team and thriving organization. 

Daphne’s experience with the project was powerful: “EQ in action changed the course of the company and the many lives that it affected.” Through the process of supporting this “emotionally intelligent” leadership initiative, Daphne said that one of the most important lessons was the reminder that

“Leadership is about putting values into action.”

When the emerging leaders had a clear vision and lived their personal values, they created a magnetic organization where personal values and corporate values came into alignment.

In turn, this alignment fueled trust and mutual support. Together with tools to communicate and collaborate, they lifted the organization beyond what they could have imagined at the start.

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