Measure children’s emotional intelligence
in a framework for growth.

A best-in-class tool for measuring and developing children’s emotional intelligence, the SEI-YV provides youth, family members, educators, and counselors with a powerful tool for growth.

The SEI-YV Report equips youth, and adults who play a significant role in a youth’s life, to examine the child’s current level of emotional intelligence and how that impacts important life outcomes like good health, quality relationships, life satisfaction, personal achievement, and self-efficacy.


Research shows that EQ scores predict performance on critical life success factors like relationships, wellbeing, life satisfaction and personal achievement. For children in particular, EQ has been linked to success both academically and later in life.

The SEI YV provides feedback on a child’s EQ within a framework for growth and development. Utilizing the core Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Model, the SEI-YV works perfectly with dozens of hours of published curriculum, hundreds of resources, and numerous hands-on tools for implementing EQ.



Contextualizes EQ as a resource for five key life outcomes: Good Health, Quality Relationships, Life Satisfaction, Personal Achievement and Self-Efficacy

Frames EQ in language that is simple and easy to understand for children and adults

Illustrates current EQ levels in a “snapshot” showing each EQ competency and how it relates to critical life success factors

Recommends next steps and strategies based on the current scores of every competency

Available in English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic and Lithuanian

What is in the SEI-YV?

The SEI-YV begins with an introduction to emotional intelligence, provides a summary of the youth’s current scores on important life outcomes, and links these life outcome scores to the youth’s current scores on each EQ competency in the Six Seconds Model.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to request a sample report — or even better, request an opportunity to take the assessment and have a debrief to experience the power of this tool.


Sample: Introduction to EQ

The SEI-YV starts with a simple, clear introduction to EQ and its impact on critical life success factors.

Sample: Barometers of Life Snapshot

The SEI-YV provides a snapshot of a child’s current scores on 5 key Barometers of Life: Good Health, Relationship Quality, Life Satisfaction, Personal Achievement, and Self-Efficacy.


Sample: EQ Score Feedback 

The SEI-YV provides both an overview and detailed look at the child’s current levels of emotional intelligence, broken down by competency.

Sample: EQ Yardstick

Most importantly, the SEI-YV helps link emotional intelligence to the important life outcomes (Life Barometers) through an innovative tool called the EQ Yardstick.

The SEI-YV can also produce simple, powerful 1-page profiles about the child’s approach to emotional intelligence, and/or key talents as a changemaker.

The “Brain Brief Profile” offers a quick, practical way to introduce EQ and help children understand their style of how they focus, make decisions, and drive themselves.

The “Brain Talent Profile” offers insight into the youth’s top six “Brain Talents,” capabilities such as resilience, connection, vision, and commitment that are ways of using emotional intelligence in daily life. This tool is effective for helping a child understand her/his unique strengths (and for groups of children to understand one-another’s).

These profiles are summarized for a group in a 1-page “Dashboard” that is highly effective for teachers or other leaders of groups of youth to understand and discuss the group’s social emotional strengths and needs.

Click here for more on the Profile series.

How to access the SEI-YV?

For you: To experience the SEI-YV for a child or multiple children in your life, fill in the form below and tell us about your needs. We’ll connect you with a Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner with deep expertise in your sector or application.

For your enterprise: To build youth emotional intelligence capacity in your school or organization, you can either develop capacity for EQ development internally (see the next paragraph) or one of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partners or Certified Professionals will work with you to make it happen. Just fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

For your clients: As a professional working to grow youth’s EQ, add the SEI toolbox to your practice for a reliable, practical, simple-yet-profound approach. Earn “EQ Assessor” certification as well as the SEI-YV add-on:

Six Seconds’ core certification – the in-person blended program that’s equipped 1000s of changemakers to bring the skills of emotional intelligence to 174 countries. 

EQ Assessor virtual program – a convenient and practical option with no travel costs, you work with a mentor in live-online sessions plus independent eLearning and practice.

Read more about SEI Certification, and/or see the schedule of upcoming EQ certification programs

Six Seconds provides a select number of grants to educators and researchers to use the SEI-YV free of charge. Click here to learn more.

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