Six Seconds’ approach to emotional intelligence and the process of social emotional learning is grounded in practitioner research.  Here are three resources to learn more about the research and science in our work:


Action ResearchSix Seconds is committed to supporting research in social emotional learning

We do this by:

1)  Providing consultation to EQ and SEL researchers, including doctoral and masters students, university faculty, and action researchers in schools throughout the world, who are interested in the Six Seconds model and assessment measures.

2)  Providing an opportunity and a space for researchers and practitioners to share their work, inspiring and connecting with others.

  • Webinars
  • Articles and Blog Posts
  • Peer to Peer conferences

3) Providing subsidies for researchers who wish to use Six Seconds’ approach and tools through our Grants program.


Recent articles in our Research archive…

Engaging for Performance: New Journal Article on Improving Leadership (7/13/2018) by Paul Stillman - What if 73% of a company's leaders became more effective by growing emotional intelligence? A newly published, a compelling case for best-practices in how to grow leadership
Better Decisions – Emotional Intelligence & Long-Term Thriving (7/4/2018) by Joshua Freedman - Decisions descisions... how do we make them, and can we make better decisions? Contrary to common belief, emotions may just be the key.
EQ Insights for Building Community (7/3/2018) by Patty Freedman - Community is about people. It’s both the feelings we have with our group, and relationships we share through activities, beliefs, & common purpose.
How to Lead People in a VUCA World: Lessons from Siemens Healthineers (4/25/2018) by Paul Stillman - How did an EQ intervention create a 139% increase in the number of highly engaged managers and a 46% increase in engagement scores overall in a (VUCA) context?
New Research: Growing an Emotionally Intelligent School Community (4/17/2018) by Dr. Susan Stillman - What does research show about using assessments to guide effective implementation of social emotional learning? Here are highlights from a new journal article.
Best of Q1: Practice (4/4/2018) by Patty Freedman - How does emotional intelligence support people to practice something new? Here's a summary of the key findings from our study this quarter.
Best Practices to Get Stated on Emotional Intelligence Training for Business Emotional Intelligence Training for Business: 15 Tips from Research on Best Practice (3/18/2018) by Joshua Freedman - How do you use emotional intelligence training for business? Three key ingredients + 15 tips, based on interviews with dozens of business leaders.
Using Team Vital Signs to Drive Change (2/26/2018) by Paul Stillman - How does a small business leader turn around a company and create a vital team? In this detailed case of organizational transformation, the key is emotional intelligence
Case Study Connected Leadership: Engaging for Performance (1/17/2018) by Paul Stillman - Case Study: Developing leadership to improve relationships and accelerate change is a key goal in many organizations, so what's the secret that helped 73% of leaders in this global tech company measurably improve?
New Research on Coaching with EQ: Finding Insight, Connection, and Purpose (1/4/2018) by Paul Stillman - A new journal article articulates the role of emotional intelligence in coaching. The link is powerful.