Six Seconds’ approach to emotional intelligence and the process of social emotional learning is grounded in practitioner research.  Here are three resources to learn more about the research and science in our work:


Action ResearchSix Seconds is committed to supporting research in social emotional learning

We do this by:

1)  Providing consultation to EQ and SEL researchers, including doctoral and masters students, university faculty, and action researchers in schools throughout the world, who are interested in the Six Seconds model and assessment measures.

2)  Providing an opportunity and a space for researchers and practitioners to share their work, inspiring and connecting with others.

  • Webinars
  • Articles and Blog Posts
  • Peer to Peer conferences

3) Providing subsidies for researchers who wish to use Six Seconds’ approach and tools through our Grants program.


Recent articles in our Research archive…

Wellbeing Threats and Performance Opportunities: The Global EQ Data (12/4/2018) by Joshua Freedman - Five powerful insights from the world's largest study on emotional intelligence shows keys to wellbeing, gender differences, and how we might finally understand changing generations.
Best Generation for EQ? (11/15/2018) by Michael Miller - Newest research looks at EQ generational differences plus the strengths and weaknesses of each age.
Improving Performance in Latin America With Latest Research (10/17/2018) by Fiorella Velarde - Where does Latin America stand on the global rankings in emotional intelligence? New data offers a call to action to leverage intelligently from our strengths, and use EQ as a catalyst for positive change in the region.
Welcome to Growth! Findings from the Latest EQ Research on Growing Our Capacity to Grow (10/2/2018) by Joshua Freedman - What does it mean to "grow" as a person, and what's the role of EQ? New research findings on global emotional intelligence show us what's supporting and inhibiting growth.
8 Stories to Make Me Smarter About Decision Making (9/26/2018) by Patty Freedman - #7: In the epic battle of 'maximizers' vs. 'satisficers,' only one takes the prize in the category of happiness. Which one? Check out the research study + learn more about the impacts of decision making in these 8 resources.
Europe’s Call to Action: Three Key EQ Insights from New Research on the State of the Heart (9/19/2018) by Katharine Roff - What does the world's largest study of emotional intelligence say about EQ in Europe today? Some bad news, but also opportunity that's essential as we grapple with change.
Illuminate: What’s Your Brain’s Extreme Habit? (9/10/2018) by Maria Jackson - A guide to tempering it for better decision making. Dive into your own brain's extreme preferences + explore some tools for teaching your brain that there is indeed a different way to look at things.​​​​
State of the Heart 2018: The Latest Research on Emotional Intelligence (9/5/2018) by Joshua Freedman - What's happening with emotional intelligence in the world today? Here are the latest insights from the world's most extensive study of EQ.
Illuminate: Maybe You Should Change What You Wear? (8/27/2018) by Maria Jackson - Would wearing a doctor’s clothes really make you more attentive? Read on for one intriguing research study + a fun tip for boosting your emotional intelligence practice.
Three Breaths for Lowering Your Cortisol Level (8/12/2018) by Maria Jackson - The science + practice behind mindful breathing. Take five minutes to give yourself the gift of resetting your nervous system.

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