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Contacts in the Americas

Lynette Vaive

Regional Network Director, N.AMER. Lynette coaches and mentors practitioners to support effective EQ implementation in the region — she’s here to partner with purpose, presence, and passion. Full bio 

Jim Vaive

Regional Network Director, N.AMER. Jim is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for supporting people to support people. He co-leads Six Seconds’ network in the region to build a thriving partnership for an emotionally intelligent future. Full bio 

Carlos Aldan

Regional Network Director, Brazil. Carlos is business and leadership expert with a deep commitment to build a positive, productive society in Brazil and beyond. Full bio 

David Tubley

Director, Accreditation. With extensive experience bringing EQ into practice, David is an ally to leaders and change makers seeking to create positive change with emotional intelligence. He works with Six Seconds’ practitioners on the Accredited Continuing Education opportunities to develop excellence. He’s based in South Carolina | LinkedIN

Fiorella Velarde

Senior Consultant, LAC. Editor of our Spanish language site, esp.6seconds.org. Fiorella supports the effective implementation of Six Seconds’ methods in Latin America.  Contact her on the Spanish site here.

Alice Tubley

Program Manager. Alice is a committed advocate for emotionally intelligent communities; an educator and ally, Alice supports EQ practitioners to integrate the concepts into their life and work.

Upcoming Events in the region

22 Jun 2018:
Curso de certificación de SEI-YV para asesores
El curso online de SEI-YV (version para jóvenes del SEI) está diseñado para las personas certificadas como asesoras que quieran trabajar con niños, niñas y jóvenes usando la herramienta de asesoramiento de Six Seconds, SEI-YV.

24 Jun 2018: United States San Jose
EQ Café: Community (San Jose)

What is a “community” and how do we make them work well?

We are each part of many communities – they can sustain and support us… but that’s not always the case. What happens when community is strong, and what are the elements that make it so? Even more importantly… what’s your part in it… and how can your unique talents contribute to community?

Join this insightful, interactive EQ Cafe to practice emotional intelligence as we discover answers to these important questions, and see how to use “emotional intelligence” as a powerful ingredient for creating thriving communities.

25 Jun 2018 - 28 Jun: United States Santa Barbara CA
EQ Coach Certification

Coaching is a powerful process to support people to create positive change – which takes thoughts, feelings, and actions working together. This course equips you to get started as a coach. You’ll learn to apply International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies for the essentials of coaching; a transformational emotional intelligence framework to make coaching highly effective; plus practical tools to provide metrics for growth.

26 Jun 2018 - 28 Jun: United States New Orleans LA
EQ Educator Institute: Essential Skills for Social Emotional Learning

A social and emotional learning (SEL) program supports students to be more effective by increasing emotional intelligence. The EQ Educator Institute provides insights and tools to effectively lead SEL by teaching and modeling learnable skills proven to increase academic and life success. Using the Six Second Model, this intensive 3-day institute equips educators to be more effective in teaching, modeling, and integrating these elements of Social Emotional Learning.

26 Jun 2018:
Certificación Asesor EQ: Virtual 12 PM Mexico City Time

Potencie su práctica profesional con el paquete de evaluaciones de inteligencia emocional de prestigio mundial: las herramientas SEI® de Six Seconds. Mida las habilidades que impulsan la transformación y aprenda como desarrollar la capacidad humana en el marco de crecimiento y acción de la inteligencia emocional. SEI ® es un conjunto completo de herramientas para medir y desarrollar los principales impulsores del rendimiento. Las evaluaciones SEI ayudan a los profesionales a obtener mejores resultados "del lado del elemento humano" en las organizaciones y grupos. A diferencia de otras herramientas psicométricas que proporcionan un diagnóstico abstracto, el SEI proporciona comentarios prácticos y un proceso para la acción. Creadas por líderes mundiales en desarrollo de inteligencia emocional, las herramientas de SEI son estadísticamente rigurosas, altamente prácticas y contienen una visión global, razón por la cual son elegidas por organizaciones líderes como FedEx, HSBC, Emaar Hospitality, la Marina de los EE. UU., Pfizer y Microsoft. Este curso ha sido aprobado brindando 33 unidades de Educación Continua de Coach de ICF a los participantes.

5 Jul 2018:
Brain Profiler Virtual Certification 9 AM San Francisco Time

The Brain Profiles distill the power of an advanced emotional intelligence assessment tool into one page for compelling, quick, meaningful insight. They are ideal to make EQ into a practical vocabulary in a wide range of learning & development programs through the cycle of talent development, from selection through to development. 

11 Jul 2018:
Desbloqueando EQ, Modalidad Virtual, 2 PM Mexico City Time
Sumérjase en la poderosa metodología de Six Seconds y aprenda qué es la inteligencia emocional, por qué es importante, y de que manera opera.
Este curso , único en su tipo; es ideal para las personas que buscan incorporar la inteligencia emocional (EQ) a su trabajo y a su vida. Desbloqueando EQ (UEQ) es el primer paso de la certificación CORE EQ de Six Seconds.
Lo invitamos a una experiencia de inmersión en el enfoque único de Six Seconds para aprender como crear valor con la inteligencia emocional y ver que puede lograr usando este método.

23 Jul 2018: United States Atherton CA
Unlocking EQ

Dive into Six Seconds’ powerful methodology and learn why, what, & how emotional intelligence works. This is the only course of its kind – ideal for people seeking to incorporate emotional intelligence (EQ) into their work and life. Unlocking EQ (UEQ) is the first step of Six Seconds’ CORE EQ Certification.

24 Jul 2018 - 26 Jul: United States Atherton CA
EQ Practitioner Certification: Building Capacity for Transformation with Emotional Intelligence
Increase your mastery of emotional intelligence in order to increase your own effectiveness and to support others to develop EQ using Six Seconds’ powerful methodology and model. After “Unlocking EQ,” EQPC is the second step of Six Seconds’ CORE EQ Certification.

27 Jul 2018: United States Atherton CA
EQ Assessor Certification: Metrics to Apply Emotional Intelligence

Equip your practice with the world-class emotional intelligence assessment suite, the SEI® toolkit. Measure the skills that fuel transformation and unlock human capacity in a framework for growth and action. Following UEQ + EQPC, the EQ Assessor is the final step in the CORE Certification.




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