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Indulge in our free + fabulous offerings. Immerse yourself in the rich world of EQ

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Be the center of your EQ community by facilitating EQ learning experiences

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Take EQ to the next level; share your expertise with clients + the world.

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Practice EQ any time, anywhere. Get started with our free 3 Questions to Practice EQ Tip Sheet.

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EQ Cafes are FREE, live events organized by volunteer Network Leaders who build local communities of people practicing emotional intelligence together. Join us at a cafe near you!

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EQ FAN to do list

Network Leader to do list

Go Pro to do list

  • Complete Six Seconds’ Core Certifications & Specializations. Join the Integration training to get support to weave the new learning into your work as a learning professional (eg trainer, coach, teacher, consultant)
  • Actively utilize the tools & methods. Encourage people who want to go further to join the community
  • When you’re ready to specialize, apply to become a Preferred Partner, building something new with Six Seconds






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