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Emotional intelligence fuels successful people and organizations, and yet how often do we measure these key skills? Six Seconds tools and assessments bring the theory of emotional intelligence to life in a practical, actionable framework.

Six Seconds assessments have not only been transformational for me as a leader in my coaching sessions, but they have provided invaluable insight for all the school’s stakeholders – from executives, to educational panel teams, to students and parents. These assessments helped us reshape the whole school – and we are more aligned and performing at a higher level than any other time since the school was established in 1987. In my tenure, I made sure that these assessments guided my coaching sessions with students, parents, teachers and senior leaders, and we have used them in recruitment as well.

Ahd Abou Ghazal

School Director, Al Najah Private School



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Serious science made simple.

Six Seconds publishes robust and effective assessments that are psychologically normed and validated with a global dataset.

✓ Face Validity – Do the assessment’s questions and report make sense for an emotional intelligence assessment?

✓ Construct Validity – Do the questions fit together in a way that makes sense, and provide meaningful results?

✓ Test Retest Validity – Is the assessment difficult to manipulate, and does it deliver consistent results over time?

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Six Seconds Assessment Products

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment – The SEI

Assessments for individuals, teams, business leaders, and more, including 360 multi-rater tests. A complete system to measure and grow emotional intelligence.

Brain Profiles

The full power of the SEI distilled into 1-page reports for quick, meaningful insight. Ideal for training, workshops and more to introduce emotional intelligence.

Vital Signs Toolkit

Engage leaders in the people-side of performance. Build buy-in. Accelerate change. Show ROI. With reports for leaders, teams and entire organizations, the Vital Signs toolkit has it all.

Youth Assessments

The only full emotional intelligence assessment for children. Links to key outcomes including achievement & wellbeing.

Specialized emotional intelligence tools

Six Seconds partners with organizations around the world to create tools that meet specific needs, from sales performance to change management and more.