Our vision is a billion people practicing emotional intelligence. While it’s easy to start practicing EQ, it’s more powerful and fun working together. So, after becoming certified in Six Seconds’ methods and tools, volunteers apply to become Network Leaders to host informal “EQ Cafés.” These free gatherings are a way to build a local community of practice, sharing the power of emotional intelligence to increase insight – connection – purpose. (See upcoming Cafés below!) 

What are the Cafés About?

Each calendar quarter we develop a new theme, publish the Café, and Network Leaders join online meetings to prepare. Then these amazing volunteers share the power of EQ in over 80 cities around the world. Each quarter, all around the world, members of this community are virtually collaborating on the theme.

What is emotional intelligence & EQ?

Emotional intelligence means being smarter with feelings. Technically “EQ” stands for “emotional quotient” (the score from a validated psychometric EQ test), but we just use “EQ” and “emotional intelligence” interchangably… just like people use “IQ” to refer to someone’s general intelligence.

From learning to change to stress to wellbeing… the themes focus on how emotional intelligence can improve our daily lives in every sector. The Cafés are 90-minute sessions with dialogue, fun, and meaningful interaction to experience what happens when we practice EQ. They are not lectures or classes — because we believe the best learning comes from the inside.

Why are they called “EQ Cafés”?

Well… some are even held in cafés — but the real reason is the social, interactive quality of these events. Taste the “seasoning” EQ brings to life! Six Seconds is a nonprofit organization, and the Cafés are part of the core of our work — we research and share proven methods to use emotions more effectively – at work, at school, and in life!

Who leads the Cafés?

Through our emotional intelligence certification training programs, we share these best practices so people can more effectively use and develop EQ. Graduates can apply to become Network Leaders. Most are also sharing EQ in their professional work as facilitators, coaches, consultants, teachers and trainers.

Upcoming Cafés are below, plus be sure to explore…

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