What are the skills that will make the difference? What capabilities can we grow inside ourselves to cocreate world where we are taking care of one another and the planet — while maintaining prosperity and growth?

The Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, are an audacious vision for the future, and governments and organizations around the globe are mobilizing to make them work. While the United Nations is doing excellent work in this area, we asked:  is legislation enough to change the behavior of billions of people?


To the right, please see an excerpt from the first-ever emotional intelligence conference at the United Nations Headquarters. You’ll hear experts on EQ making the link to the SDGs — including Patty Freedman, the coordinator of the POP-UP Festival which works in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day to bring EQ skills to children everywhere. POP-UP is the world’s largest “social emotional learning” program, introducing emotional intelligence to millions of children in almost every one of the world’s countries and territories. 

With emotional intelligence, people, all of us, have the capacity to focus on what’s most important. Emotions can contribute to challenges… but with EQ, they become resources to empower change, fuel collaboration, and spark the innovation needed to make the SDGs real.

Here are three ways that Six Seconds is working to support the goals as a UN Action Partner for the SDGs:

POP-UP Festival in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day

Engaging 1000s of volunteers in over 175 countries & territories, POP-UP Festival is the world’s largest emotional intelligence event will reach 1.5 million children & adults this year… fueling connection and raising awareness of the role of emotional intelligence to foster children’s rights and wellbeing.

Emotional Intelligence Certification

Our community of EQ coaches, trainers and consultants use Six Seconds’ methods & tools to build EQ skills with million of people. One of the key competencies in the Six Seconds is “Pursue Noble Goals.” In the life-changing EQ certification programs, we teach people to use emotions as a guide to help them serve and protect what matters most. That’s at the heart of building partnership for the goals.

Social Emotional Learning

One of the original pioneers in “educating the heart,” Six Seconds’ approach to Social Emotional Learning is a systems approach to building capacity in all aspects of educational life… by implementing measures and teaching the adults how to practice and grow emotional intelligence skills so they are positive role models and effective teachers. Even better: In addition to better lives, these skills are correlated with greater success in school — and at work (evidence) — which is at the heart of SDG#3

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