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Strengthen your coaching, consulting & learning with a complete system of proven EQ tools. Measure and develop the emotional intelligence skills that fuel individual and organizational transformation with the world’s leading emotional intelligence assessment, the SEI.

The EQ Assessor Certification is ideal for consultants & leaders working with individuals and organizations as well as coaches, educators and counselors:

  • A clear, actionable model for measuring and improving emotional intelligence.
  • Complete system with wide range of EQ tools for individuals and groups, used by over 250,000 people in over 200 countries.
  • Assessments supported by a deep trove of learning tools, curriculum, books, hands-on tools make it easy to use in a broad range of applications such as leadership development, team alignment, individual growth, increased resilience, tools for change…. see the published case studies for examples of how these tools part of transforming businesses and lives.
  • EQAC is part of Six Seconds’ CORE certification and the EQ Coach which is an Approved Coach Training Program (ICF) and also accredited by SHRM and other learning orgs.

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At a Glance: EQ Assessor Certification


Learning & development professionals, educators, counselors, coaches.


Unlocking EQ


Virtual or blended, 38 hours including practice and final practicum 

Key tools you can use

Suite of SEI EQ assessments & supporting resources

Available languages

English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, French, Turkish, Portuguese

Pathways this course serves

Core EQ: Coach, Facilitator, Consultant, Educator


We’ve trained over 25,000 people to have the skills and insights to create better workplace culture, productivity, teamwork, decision-making, insight and resiliency.  What makes EQ the difference that makes the difference? How is Six Seconds transforming people’s lives?  Hear what people are saying about the Six Seconds EQ Assessor Certification.

It is the very best course I have attended. It addresses the ‘how’ of doing the theory. Trainer was very engaging using great learning tools throughout.

Rasha El Gamal

Chief HR Officer, DMG, Egypt

The EQAC workshop has deepened my understanding of EQ and the SEI as a whole. An excellent course in bringing everything together and a great trainer. It has been most valuable.

Shawn Cornet

Learning & Development Manager, Qatar Airways

SEI provides a simple but powerful tool to help our clients understand how emotions impact their success.

Bob Bates

President, Resolve Today

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence

Standing Out For
What We Stand For

Science You Can Use

Rooted in research, our hands-on content brings you user-friendly neuroscience you can practice today.

On Your Feet Learning

We promise our training brings EMOTIONS into the room as you experience active and experiential learning designed for all levels.

Amplify What’s Working

With “start where your are” approach our program supports existing leadership and development initiatives, shining a light on strengths.

Purpose First

As the only global non-profit Emotional Intelligence organization, since 1997 we’ve developed and tested tools and methods to best support people practicing Emotional Intelligence.

Like it? Keep Going!

With over 20 certification courses (virtual and live) you can follow a pathway to meet your professional goals.

Allies Everywhere

Feel the support of powerful network dedicated to EQ. Connect with practitioners working in over 200 countries.

What is in the EQ Assessor Certification?

This course equips professionals to apply best-in-class assessments to measure and develop emotional intelligence. Participants learn how to deliver, interpret and debrief the world’s leading emotional intelligence assessment, and how to structure EQ learning and coaching programs using the Change MAP.

Measure what matters

  • Learn to deliver, interpret, and debrief the SEI, the world’s leading EQ assessment suite
  • Understand when to use the different reports based on your client’s needs
  • Support others’ EQ development with quantifiable feedback

Methods for Transformation

  • Design EQ learning and coaching programs using the Change MAP
  • Apply Six Seconds’ methodology to make your coaching and consulting more effective
  • Turn insight into action with a practical framework for growth

Amplify Your Impact

  • Tap into the extensive library of curriculum, books, learning resources
  • Connect with a network of 1000s of professionals working with the SEI in over 200 countries.
  • Gain credibility as a member of the world’s largest emotional intelligence network

Plus, go further with optional add-on certifications

As a complete system for EQ, the SEI toolkit includes multiple specialized tools — plus a powerful range of custom SEI versions to bring your EQ expertise into specialized domains such as sales, spiritual EQ, trust, change and more.

360 Feedback

Give your client compelling multi-rater feedback to see how they’re using EQ with various groups eg supervisors, colleagues, clients, family members, etc (more).

Group Development

Enable teams to see the value of EQ for their work by quantifying the link between EQ and results. Then offer a roadmap for implementation powered by the world’s first AI for EQ (more)

Youth & SEL

Get this CASEL-approved toolset for bringing EQ to children with two robust tools to make an evidence-based approach to social emotional learning (more).

Specialized Reports

Cocreated with partners specializing in bringing EQ to specific challenges and sectors, these custom reports take SEI far beyond any EQ tool in the market (more).

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