Great leaders create a container, a context, a playground where their people reach higher and dig deeper. They form a gut-level connection with their people, with authenticity and passion, they create trust and drive — they are “people people” because their job is leading others, not “doing tasks.”  

breakthrough leadership with emotional intelligenceThis requires a remarkable blend of insight into what drives people (and themselves) and a robust set of tools for creating the right emotional conditions for performance.

“Everyone knows” that leadership is about influence, which requires building relationships.  “Everyone knows” that enrolling people in vision is central.  “Everyone knows” that feedback is invaluable.  So why doesn’t everyone do these things?

It’s not enough to know.  We need to engage the emotional side of the brain, and get it working together with the rational side.  There are thousands of leadership programs focused on the external behavior of leaders. Using emotional intelligence is about focusing on what’s inside — the core capabilities that allow people to build a climate and culture that supports exceptional leadership.


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