Emotional Intelligence Essentials: Emotions List & Emotional Literacy

Emotions List & Emotional Literacy

Resources for Naming & Understanding Feelings

“Emotional Literacy” is all about learning the language of feelings. Here are top resources for understanding feelings — including the emotions list, the interactive Emotion Wheel based on the Plutchik Model of Emotions, and some of our best videos about emotions

Introduction: Emotional Literacy

“Literacy” is the skill we use to read and write; it helps us make meaning from words and communicate… it starts with identifying and understanding sounds and words.
“Emotional literacy” is the skills we use to figure out emotions; it helps us make sense of and communicate emotions… it starts with identifying and understanding feelings.

There are some 3000 words for feelings… how many do you know and use? As you’ll see in these resources, accurately naming feelings is key to managing emotions. 

What are Feelings vs Emotions?

The short answer is: Emotions come first, then feelings come after as the emotion chemicals go to work in our bodies. One of the resources on the page goes into detail on the difference between emotions and feelings, and we have a fantastic video that goes in depth on emotions, feelings and moods. 

Kinds of Emotions Lists

In addition to a variety of emotion cards (see the bottom of this page), we have feeling lists in 18 languages, plus our favorite emotions list called The Emotoscope which helps you scope out feelings (see the form to the right).

Below, you can read more about our interactive Emotion Wheel with the Plutchik Model of Emotions. The Emotion Wheel will help you explore the meaning of the most essential feelings list, and a logic of how to make sense of feelings.


The Emotoscope Feeling Chart is a fantastic Emotions List, with categories, meanings, and physical signs, get yours free!

Emotional Literacy & Emotions List: Top Resources

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