Emotional Intelligence Essentials: Finding Purpose & Increasing Motivation

How to Increase Motivation by Finding Life Purpose

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Motivation is driven by meaning, mastery, and autonomy. Meaning is why purpose matters. Here are top emotional intelligence resources to help people find purpose, fuel motivation, and build for the long-term.

Introduction: Finding Life Purpose & Increasing Motivation

Purpose is connection to a goal bigger than yourself; a self-organizing aim that guides you and imbues even the simplest actions with relevance and meaning. It goes beyond a simple goal or objective because it’s focused on the long-term and on a deeper meaning. In the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence, the capstone competency, Pursue Noble Goals, is all about finding and engaging your life purpose. 

The Benefits of Finding Life Purpose

Research has linked having a strong sense of purpose with remarkable mental and physical health benefits. Physical benefits include better sleep, protection against heart disease, prevention of Alzheimer’s, and even a significantly reduced risk of dying of all causes. Mental and emotional benefits include better relationships, higher quality of life and greater life satisfaction. Alan Rozanski, a professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai who has conducted his own research into life purpose and physical health, told NPR that the results speak for themselves: “The need for meaning and purpose is No.1. It’s the deepest driver of wellbeing there is.”

Life Purpose and Motivation

What can explain the power of life purpose to keep us healthy, happy and living longer? Emotions motivate action, and a strong sense of purpose is an extraordinarily powerful and sustainable motivator. When we connect our everyday actions with our deeply held values and beliefs – with our life purpose – even mundane actions take on a sense of importance and urgency.

Framing Life Purpose as a Noble Goal

Six Seconds defines the skill of Pursue Noble Goals as connecting your daily choices with your overarching sense of life purpose. A Noble Goal is typically a verb and a goal of what you want to add to the world, your purpose. (Eg, “Supporting myself and others to live in truth,” or “Sparking awareness of the power of choice.”) To differentiate a Noble Goal from a normal goal or objective, it must meet these criteria: long-term, focused outside yourself, does no harm to others, encompasses all domains of your life and motivates and inspires you. You can learn more about Pursue Noble Goals here.

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