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Dr. Daniel Goleman Explains the History of Emotional Intelligence

BY Joshua Freedman Six Seconds,

Daniel Goleman explains the history of emotional intelligence – and why EQ is important in business, education & life.

Jacqui Butler & Svetlana Suvorova

BY Maddalena Campitelli EQ Life,Six Seconds,

When Jacqui Butler and Svetlana Suvorova met in Six Seconds’ EQ Coach Certification program in 2022, they clicked right away. After building a strong connection of mutual support and collaboration, they recently launched a joint venture, LeadEQ, to support women leaders. This is their story of finding EQ, each other, and a deeply meaningful path of professional growth.

Elmo Said WHAT? Research & Tips for Emotions for Wellbeing – EQ Education

BY Patty Freedman EQ Education,

When Elmo asked, LOTS of people answered. Checking in on emotions is a great step, but not enough for lasting wellbeing. Let’s put EQ into action this month!

Emotional Intelligence at Work: Stress Is (Still) Rising Globally. Here Are 3 Evidence-Based Solutions

BY Michael Miller EQ Business,Six Seconds,

Globally, 44% of employees globally reported feeling stressed A LOT of the day yesterday. Here are 3 solutions to reduce stress.

The Upside of Uncertainty: Neuroscience for Coaching

BY Joshua Freedman Six Seconds,

How bad is uncertainty  for you, for your clients, for the world? Uncertainty is a problematic feeling – yet it’s also essential in coaching because it signals learning and growth. Here’s how.

What’s Missing in Climate Discussions? The Power of Emotions

BY Joshua Freedman Six Seconds,

Solving the climate crisis requires people to connect, collaborate, innovate, and take inspired action — all of which are driven by emotion. Here’s how two of the world’s largest organizations in renewable energy worked with Six Seconds to harness emotions and support young leaders.

Emotional Intelligence at Work: 3 Steps to End Meeting Madness and Its Emotional Toll

BY Michael Miller EQ Business,Six Seconds,

The modern workplace has a meeting problem, and it takes an emotional and financial toll on people. Here are 3 steps to restore sanity.

EQ Education News: Am I Doing This All Wrong? 5 Tips for Parenting Shy Kids

BY Patty Freedman EQ Education,EQ Parenting,Six Seconds,

Emotional intelligence skills are learnable at any age. In this month’s newsletter we explore the emotion Shy among children

Emotional Intelligence at Work: 7 Principles to Rewrite the Unwritten Rules of Expressing Emotions

BY Michael Miller EQ Business,Six Seconds,

An organization’s emotional culture influences employee satisfaction, burnout and the bottom line. Is it time to rethink your rules?

The Neuroscience of Chai: Overcoming My Own Obstinance

BY Joshua Freedman Six Seconds,

Why do we sometimes take risks to learn, but other times we’re so determined to stay “right”? Zooming into the neurobiology, in a sense we have a tug-of-war between the striatum and the amygdala, between opportunity and risk. It’s just like trying Chai for the first time on the steamy streets of Kuala Lumpur.

When Change Fails: Tips for Coaching with Emotional Intelligence

BY Joshua Freedman Six Seconds,

Sometimes change is easy, but when we get stuck, big, difficult feelings emerge. While some coaches are ill-equipped to engage those challenging feelings, it’s a prime opportunity for transformational coaching.

Voices from the Network : Pamela Chng & Suyin Tay

BY Maddalena Campitelli EQ Life,Six Seconds,

Today we talk to Pamela Chng and Suyin Tay, two social entrepreneurs based in Singapore who run Bettr Coffee, and its nonprofit affiliate, Bettr Lives, a Six Seconds Preferred Partner.