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Latest research: Read “State of the Heart: Emotional Intelligence 2011-2014 Report

Change starts from the inside

All over the globe, people are working to make things better.  To heal a relationship or heal the planet.  To increase communication in a team, or with their teen.  To facilitate connection between people — or within people.

This kind of change requires insight and skill on the IQ side… but without the emotional side, without EQ, they fail.

When misused, emotions can lead people into catastrophe — yet feelings are also the key to trust, communication, motivation, and optimal decisions. The difference is emotional intelligence (EQ), the science of using feelings effectively. Six Seconds is a world-leader in helping people and organizations gain the benefits of emotional intelligence through life-changing training, change-focused consulting, and innovative tools.

For over a decade and a half, Six Seconds network members have been at work in over 70 countries and in almost every economic sector helping people connect, communicate, and care. From Fortune 50 companies to community-based nonprofits, Six Seconds’ clients and partners are tapping EQ as a critical asset to improve performance while creating a better world. (more about Six Seconds)

See Six Seconds’ CEO Josh Freedman on NBC’s Today Show:

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Location: Head office near San Francisco; 501(c)3 not-for-profit est 1997.

Offices and representatives in 25 countries, including Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa…

Selected Clients: US Navy & Marine Corps, FedEx, Pfizer, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Palo Alto School District, Nestle Parenting Centers (Indonesia), Alma Business School (Italy), Shell (Brunei),Canada’s Youth Solvent Addictions Centres, Emmar, Rotana, Almarai, HSBC, Microsoft, GE, IBM, Intel, Amazon. (see more)


  • Volunteers from Six Seconds provide resources & training to over 330,000 children & adults in 157 countries & territories for U.N. Universal Children’s Day (
  • Publication of seven statistically validated assessment tools for individuals and organizations as well as five books (see tools), over a dozen training programs, and hundreds of articles.
  • Development of transformational consulting and learning processes for individual and organizational change.
  • Developed EQ programs in over a dozen schools in North America, curriculum and model shared to over 100,000 educators
  • Over 300,000 web visitors per year.
  • Over 1 million people trained in Six Seconds’ methods.


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