Six Seconds helps create optimal learning environments where young people develop key skills for academic and lifelong success.

The Center for Social Emotional Learning identifies and shares research-based best practices to create great places to learn.  We conduct research, deliver certification training, and raise awareness of the power of emotional intelligence to improve the lives of students and educators.


EQ: The Foundation for Learning

The research is abundantly clear:  Social and emotional factors are the drivers or limiters of learning.  When children (and the adults who support them) are engaged, curious, safe, and thriving, then they achieve.  So, an effective social emotional learning program is customized and living — so it weaves throughout culture and structure of the school or organization. Using assessment data to focus and improve implementation, this whole-school approach creates an optimal environment for learning and collaboration.  There are three key strands to this approach:

ed-3-levelsSchool Culture and Climate:

What is your goal for learning?  Does your school culture reinforce or undermine that?  To what degree are adults in the learning community great role models for the youth?

Classroom Learning Environment:

Are the classroom educators consistently creating an environment that’s conducive to learning?  Are they engaging children meaningfully to take ownership of their own learning and behavior?  Are they asking powerful questions and inviting young people to lead their own lives?

Direct Instruction of EQ Skills:

What are the foundational, learnable skills that will enable young people to excel socially and emotionally?  How are those taught in a systematic, developmental process with the accountability of valid measures?


SEL-brochurePlease read more about how to effectively implement social emotional learning.

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