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Emotional intelligence is “being smarter with feelings” – a powerful set of learnable skills that fuels insight, connection, and purpose. So how do you use it? Understand more about your unique way of using emotions with this free, introductory report. 

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What is Six Seconds?

Six Seconds was founded in 1997 as a non profit organization dedicated to supporting people to create positive change


We think the world would be a better place if a billion people were practicing the skills of emotional intelligence (EQ). So, we research and share scientific, global, transformational tools & methods to support that goal (data).
With offices and representatives in 25 countries and members in 167 countries, our community extends the globe. From schools where children love to learn, to corporations where people thrive, to programs ​rebuilding lives, Six Seconds’ solutions are life-changing – and empower people to take ownership of a positive future.

Want to measure EQ? If you are interested in Six Seconds’ suite of emotional intelligence tools & assessments, reach out! We’d be happy to help you find the perfect fit for your measurement needs.

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