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Practicing EQ

How can I begin to put emotional intelligence into action in my daily life?

Step Into Coaching

What is coaching, how do I use it & how does EQ make it work even better?

SEL in Higher Ed

How do EQ & social emotional learning work in colleges/unis?

12 Days of Wellbeing

How can I use emotional intelligence to boost wellbeing?

Siemens Healthineers

In a VUCA environment, can EQ help a business thrive?

EQ for Learning & Development

How do Learning & Development Professionals use our EQ methods & tools to create value in organizations?

Business Case

What’s the research evidence of the value of emotional intelligence in business?

EQ Leadership Case

How did the global tech company, Excelitas, double the number of high performing leaders?

Education Case

What’s the research evidence of the value of social emotional learning?

State of the Heart

What are the latest global trends in emotional intelligence?


Poster for classrooms and families to talk about FOG: Feelings, Options, Goals

EQ & Success

What is the researched link between emotional intelligence and success in work & life?

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