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Equip leaders with the emotional intelligence skills to create a context of high engagement and performance.

Build high performing teams based on trust and accountability.

Employee Engagement
Create a culture that brings out the best in people. Make your employee experience a competitive advantage.

Customer Loyalty
Connect with customers and build loyalty with emotional intelligence.

Organizational Culture
Understand the culture you have and define the one you want. Then embed emotional intelligence practices.

Employee Wellbeing
Prioritize employee mental health and wellbeing by equipping managers to support employees. 

Why do organizations from P&G to Qatar Airways to the UN choose Six Seconds? 25 years of proven history as the pioneers in measuring and growing emotional intelligence – including over 10,000 certified professionals in >150 countries and 550,000 assessments.

Companies need solutions that work. As our case library shows, when orgs implement Six Seconds' methods and tools, they enhance leadership, strengthen teams, and create greater value

Q: Will it work with people in ____?  A: Yes. Led by experts in >10 countries, we're the first and largest international org dedicated to emotional intelligence, Six Seconds' solutions work in >30 languages. 

Leaders trust Six Seconds' tools because they are robust, reliable and go deep. Evidence: Dozens of published cases, peer-reviewed research, and an extensive library published works.

We start with your needs and goals and customize an approach just for you. Attend certification training or partner with one of our experts around the globe. Contact us today to get started.

Explore the scientific frameworks behind our assessments and training.

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