“I love the vision of a billion people practicing EQ… how can I help?”

Twenty years ago when we started, and every year since, inspired, committed people have asked how they can be part of Six Seconds. At first, we had no real answers. Five years ago when we adopted the “1 billion practicing” vision, my friend Max Ghini said: “To reach this vision, we need a way to engage the energy of many people.” So, we began a process of building a community of people all around the world with a shared commitment: Practice EQ in a way that invites and supports others to do the same.

The Purpose of Belonging

Stepping Up For an Emotionally Intelligent World

by Joshua Freedman



Before we get to How, let’s start with Why.

Emotions Connect Us with What Matters

What would happen if many people were actively practicing emotional intelligence?


At Six Seconds, we believe emotions are a gift. When we are smart with feelings, emotions carry wisdom and energize us to solve challenges. They connect us with what really matters, and with ourselves, and with one another .

So imagine a person who can fully, freely say: “I’ve learned who I really am inside, and I accept myself. And, I’m here to grow because I am free to make choices – to direct my future – to contribute to a better world.”

What would it take to be able to say so?

What capabilities would you grow in yourself to have that awareness, agility & purpose? Through fifty years of creating schools and corporate learning, we’ve learned how to teach & support the skills that enable people to do this… and help others do the same. At work, at home, at school, in their communities.

We call these learnable, measurable, scientifically validated skills, “emotional intelligence” – and we’ve studied how people put these skills into action. The result is a methodology and process for using EQ. As you know from our vision, we’re working in over 150 countries toward a billion people practicing these skills every day.


Imagine many many people living this way — like one out of ten people in the world. Imagine the growing insight, connection & purpose they could support in one another.

We think that would make the world a better place for all of us. If you agree, please join the EQ community!
Here’s how:


Members of the EQ community at the Unlocking EQ course near London

Children & volunteer facilitator at the EQ “POP-UP Festival” we hold each year all around the globe

Intense focus at one of our EQ Coach Certification trainings in China

Join the EQ Community

We want to engage the energy of everyone committed to EQ


How to Join the Community

Our vision isn’t, “a billion people using Six Seconds’ tools.” We’re here for everyone who values the intelligent use of emotions, who support people to be careful and purposeful in the way we engage one another and the world. At the same time, our team has worked on the best ways to grow and develop emotional skills since 1967… and we’d like to share what we’ve learned.


The key ingredient is practice. We don’t think EQ is something to “know.” It’s something to do. Something to be.  We’re all here to learn – to practice EQ in a way that supports and engages others to practice. That’s the first, and perhaps also the last, step in the challenge. So far, we’ve also developed several ways to play:

Join the conversation.
We publish powerful research articles and cases, and we’re active on social media to engage with people to support them to to increase EQ and apply this research. Subscribe for updates. Talk EQ on social media.


Volunteer for UN Universal Children’s Day.
Perhaps because of our roots in education, we see the highest and best use of our capacity to share EQ is by supporting children, and the people who nurture and educate them. Each November, we hold a worldwide celebration to provide free materials & support to hundreds of volunteers who share delightful EQ learning experiences with thousands and thousands of children and their adults. Details and signup on 6sec.org/ucd


Invest together.
Strategic Partners collaborate and/or donate to build EQ changemakers in more communities, investing in grassroots growth. In two decades we’ve proven that this approach equips people with the heart-skills and the technical skills to be more effective in leading positive change with measurable impact. Let’s talk about this (or feel free to make a donation!)


Become an Ally.
Following the
Unlocking EQ experience, where people dive into what it means to practice EQ, participants are invited to take this role in the community. The organization provides special resources each quarter to put EQ into action. Six Seconds Allies are actively practicing the methods and tools and sharing these.


Apply the Tools.
Six Seconds provides a comprehensive process for certification training so learning and development professionals become experts in utilizing emotional intelligence. Coaches, educators & facilitators, and consultants then use these tools & methods professionally.


Lead a Network.
After further training in the methodology, certified practitioners can become Network Leaders holding a free event each calendar quarter (or more) to bring together a group in their local community to practice EQ. Focused on a specific EQ theme, Six Seconds publishes an “EQ Café” each quarter and supports the Network Leaders to facilitate these delightful events. Read more and join an upcoming Café


Create an EQ Entity.
To take the methodology even further, Six Seconds’ Partners a building organizations applying EQ to a specific need. Some are learning & development departments transforming their own organizations, most are bringing EQ methods and tools to their communities as nonprofit social ventures or for profit learning organizations. Meet the Preferred Partners


Vitalize Your Organization. Business, schools, nonprofits and government agencies work with Six Seconds and our partners and practitioners to integrate EQ. Together we increase people’s effectiveness to build a thriving organization — and create powerful case studies to disseminate this work. Please contact us


Serve the Network. Over the years, a few people have come to me after certification and said, “I want your job.” Six Seconds has a very small staff of master trainers, program managers, researchers and leaders supported by a generous advisory board. We’re designed as a network, meaning the power of the organization is to leverage the fertile cross-connections – not a big administrative department. Even so, every once in awhile, an active, engaged member of our community joins the staff..



For now, those are the ways to play. Surely more will emerge as we continue on this adventure. The point is: You’re invited. If you believe in the vision, and you’re committed to practicing EQ in a way that engages and supports other to practice, this is your community.



Some of the Six Seconds’ staff & partners at the World EQ Summit in India

Connection & fun during the EQ Summit in Dubai

From an activity at the Universal Children’s Day POP-UP Festival. What is your wish for the future?

Teams all over the world are connecting to build the EQ community

Aha! That moment when emotions fuel insight, connection & purpose

A young volunteer in our community, ready to practice EQ in a way that invites and supports others to practice EQ

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