Experience Renewal. Develop your radically hopeful vision for the future through virtual community collaboration across three themes…


Our Strength is with Each Other

Intersectionality. Feeling interconnection. Diversity as strength.


Open Up to Radical Imagining

Getting to the root. Self reflection & story sharing. Going beyond past limitation.


Feel Emotions as Collective Force for Change

Feeling both grief & hope. Building trust. Energizing growth.

Climate of Emotions isn’t another online conference.

It’s a free virtual retreat for everyone who cares to connect. Design your own experience.

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Renewal, ReImagination, Empathy 

We’ve divided our heads from hearts, focused on urgent action – and stayed within self-imposted limits of what’s possible and who’s stories are centered. How can we engage with the simultaneous crises of climate, injustice and empathy? 

What if we stepped out of the limits and into a space where we can feel, imagine, connect. What if we can freely  Let us make space reimagine and explore the intersections of racial, economic, climate justice spaces?  Let’s use our emotions to power relationships that support rather than divide us.

Over three days we will co create a retreat experience to learn more about emotional intelligence, the natural world, creativity, mindfulness, and wellbeing to re-imagine, re-connect and re-energize.

Renewal Pathway for COE21 Virtual Retreat 

Participants will have all-access pass to enlightening keynotes, interactive group learning & design sessions and self-paced learning content.

Day 1 – 19 April

Newly Emerging 

We will enter an emergent space, deliberately becoming aware of our biases. We will tell our stories as a critical step in arriving to this space, to this group, at this perfect time. Here, we will make new allies, create and play with freedom of expression, and build trusting space to share feelings.

Day 2 – 20 April

Radical Reimaging

Deliberately celebrating childlike creativity in an intergenerational community, these sessions will explore the role of imagination in problem-solving. We’ll imagine and re-imagine — then begin to embody a new way of feeling about ourselves and our collective future.

Day 3 – 21 April

Regenerative Planning

 Holding complexity around the massive problems we face, while embracing the simplicity of the micro-changes we can make – and have made. Knowing that large changes are the echo and result of many small ones. By fully embodying the feelings of our future visions, we’ll discover concrete steps that we can embed in our daily lives now.


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There’s no cost to join, but spaces are limited for some sessions. Please click here to design your retreat.

Join COE and take away…

  • Feelings of being renewed, reinvigorated, connected & supported
  • Tangible vision statement for a future you believe in
  • Connections and allyships with people who have like minded visions for the future
  • Deeper intimacy with emotions of living in the present moment, rooted in hopes for the future
  • Packet of resources, exclusive content from speakers, and activities to use with yourself or other groups for radical design for the future
  • Creative experience with others to form connection and break out of isolation
  • A concrete plan to apply the insights of COE21 to put vision into daily action

How do we experience our beauty and humanity in every condition?”

-adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy

How Climate of Emotions Works

Climate of Emotions (COE) is a retreat – not a conference. You won’t be on Zoom all day… this is for renewal!

Everyone gets access to the “Uplift” keynote livestreams and a self-guided curriculum — the COE Workbook. This is a resource for you now and into the future, filled with exercises inspired by Emergent Strategy and Emotional Intelligence. You’re invited to join any sessions you want (and skip all the others) to accommodate your schedule and goals.

One you’ve explored Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3…  Click here to design your own retreat with three types of sessions:


Keynote panels offer inspiration for heart & mind. Access: register for ANY ticket or the general pass


Deepen your retreat with intimate facilitated sessions on key exercises from the workbook. Access: Choose a time each day


Enrich your day with a small group experience on today’s theme. Access: Choose any  workshops you want

How will you cocreate at COE?

The transformative power of this festival comes from the involvement, imagination, and mutual sharing of the participants. In order to facilitate this and enable generative vulnerability, the environment will be intentionally designed and facilitated to be affirming and culturally expansive. Some of the plans for this include:

Centering voices of youth and those from marginalized groups

Utilizing trained mentors to support inclusive dialogue

Setting and reinforcing clear ground rules for engagement

Climate of Emotions Partners & Allies

The Climate of Emotions virtual conference is produced by Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network, Produced partnership with Climate Resilient and more allies from around the globe. The program will be culminate in sharing the GREEN 13 POP-UP Festival, in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day.

Six Seconds is a global nonprofit working to support ALL people to grow and practice emotional intelligence. Make a tax-deductible donation to support this work.

We think the world would be a better place if a billion people were practicing the skills of emotional intelligence (EQ). So, we research and share scientific, global, transformational tools & methods to support that goal. Learn more about Six Seconds' vision or to go deeper, explore EQ Certification Training for coaching, facilitating, consulting or educating.

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