Welcome! We are a group of Emotional Intelligence Coaching students who are earning our required practice hours for ICF (International Coaching Federation) credentials. We have done extensive training with Six Seconds’ emotional intelligence model and tools, including the EQ Practitioner, EQ Assessor, and currently the EQ Coaching Certification. Each of us are offering significantly discounted coaching sessions in order to get many practice hours. Browse through this page, find the best fit for you, and reach out to schedule a session.

All rates are in USD, most sessions will be done virtually, and payment and scheduling will be handled by the individual coaching student.



Catie Morgan, BA, LMT

Catie lives and works from Northern Colorado and loves meeting and working with individuals who are seeking growth and change in their everyday lives. Catie has worked as a massage therapist, entrepreneur, instructor and is also a business owner.  In addition, Catie is also a contributor for Massage & Fitness Magazine and enjoys staying up to date on current pain science and evidence based care models.  In addition to directing Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness, Catie is working towards receiving her ACC credential through the International Coaching Federation via the Six Seconds Organization. Catie enjoys working with individuals seeking personal transformation towards more authentic living in both their personal and professional lives. Catie enjoys working with the following populations: those experiencing chronic or acute health struggles, career transition, health & wellness professionals, corporate or small business teams and leadership/management growth.

Rate: Sliding Scale $40-90 per hour
Availability: Mountain Time, available Monday, Thursday and Fridays
Email Address: [email protected] 

Eldon Pascoe

Eldon is the former head of a leading international school, recently a Director of a global charity and a business leader and coach. He is also a recognised authority in Emotional Intelligence, a motivational speaker and respected professional learning provider. Eldon has a Bachelors degree in Education and a Masters in Education (Gifted Education) and he has been leading and coaching for over twenty years. Prior to moving into the field of leadership and management, Eldon had a very successful financial sector career working with some of Australia’s leading financial organisations, in a variety of locations around the country. His work with international organisations has taken him around the world. He has a breadth of experience in facilitating cutting edge professional learning programs that have superior learning outcomes for all involved. Eldon is a strong advocate for improvement in service provision and has led change and development in Europe, Asia, South America and the United Kingdom. Eldon’s commitment to improving outcomes has come from his extensive work in business review processes.

Eldon most recently worked for the British Council in a global role as Director of the Professional Skills Centre Network, where he ran corporate training, coaching and change management initiatives.


Rate: USD $75/hour
Availability: Australian Eastern Time, 7am-9pm
To schedule, email: [email protected]

Maria Jackson

My interest in coaching stems from my noble goal: to nurture inner illumination. I have always been passionate about people uncovering their own truth, wisdom, and light. As the author of Six Seconds’ weekly Illuminate series, I have been ‘coaching’ people from a distance to do just this, and I feel beyond excited for the opportunity to coach people ‘up close’ now, too. Through Six Seconds, I am a certified EQ Practitioner, Assessor, Facilitator, and Advanced Practitioner. I have held EQ workshops on perfectionism, self-compassion, and daily integration. With degrees in Psychology and Women’s Studies, I have an open-minded, comfortable, and data-based approach to coaching. I am also a certified yoga teacher, so I enjoy exploring themes of embodiment and matters of the spirit. As I start my coaching journey, I am grateful for those who will ‘learn with me’ as I gain these precious and rich hours of practice.

My particular topics of strength: Self compassion, perfectionism, increasing intrinsic motivation, purpose, defining Noble Goal, and empathy.


Rate: $40 per session, free 30-minute consultation call
Availability: Pacific time, flexible (8am-6pm)
To schedule, email: [email protected]

Fiorella Velarde

Hi! Welcome to my bio!
I am a mother, a friend, a daughter, a psychologist –educator, and a passionate advocate of emotional intelligence to co-create a better world. I will be honored to walk a path of transformation with you. My mission is to support people to become the best version of themselves through self-compassion, conscious living and decisive action … at their own pace, with respect and integrity. I’m currently working towards a professional coaching accreditation with ICF, and I would be happy to provide you with structured coaching that include best practices in emotional intelligence, evidence-based methods and a wealth of professional and practical knowledge obtained from a solid interdisciplinary and 20 years of global experience background in the fields of international business, luxury brands, and higher education.
Areas of expertise: resilience, abrupt change, wellbeing, and chronic conditions.


Rate: USD $50/session (minimum 3 sessions)
Availability: American Eastern Time Zone, flexible
Languages: English, Spanish
To schedule, email: [email protected]

Vanessa DellaPasqua

My interest in coaching stems first and foremost from intellectual curiosity, from a desire of self discovery, and from a passion for other people’s stories. I decided to dedicate my professional life to creating value for individuals through their self realization, both professional and personal, and I long to be able to create a safe and motivating environment for my clients to pursue their goals. I leverage my corporate and start-up experience in customer-facing roles to understand the challenging environments my clients have to deal with. I hold an advanced degree in Structural Engineering (ask me about the bridges I worked on!) and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. I live in California with my husband and three children.


Rate: $100/ hour, 15-minute intro meeting free
Availability: Pacific time, 9am to 3pm, 8pm to 10pm
To schedule, email: [email protected]

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