Certifications: Coach Certification Integration

Ready to tune up your coaching practice?

Take what you’ve learned in Certified Coach Foundations & blend that with the transformational tools from the EQ Core. Explore the robust science behind the methodologies and grow your confidence through ongoing practice as you work in collaboration to support each other in growing your coaching presence and techniques. Walk away with a sense of who you are as a coach & what you offer your clients.

Coaches and coaches-to-be join CCI to dive deeper into transformational EQ coaching:
  • Earn the ICF hours required to apply to become an Associate Coach (ACC).
  • Apply the ICF competencies with EQ power-tools to conduct highly effective coaching sessions.
  • Learn the neuroscience and theory that makes the methods and the ICF Competencies work so effectively together.
  • Get support to practice practice practice as you refine your craft.

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Not all training is equal.

All Six Seconds certification courses are transformative and not just “one more course to add to your CV”.
Experience Six Seconds unique learning philosophy and methodology and see for yourself why participants say it’s the most powerful training they’ve experienced.

At a Glance: Facilitator Integration


Aspiring Coaches




26 hours including eLearning, virtual classes, mentor & practice sessions

Key tools you can use

ICF competencies for coaching. Brain Profiles in coaching. SEI reports in coaching.

Available languages

English, Chinese, Italian


CCI participants report there is a powerful blend of theory, practice, and support that takes their coaching to the next level. Intentionally designed to span multiple weeks, CCI creates a space for focused practice fueled by insightful concepts.

A practical, empowering course which provided a safe space to gain insights & effectively learn the coaching process.

Maggie Williams

Executive Coach

Deep, thought-provoking program for coaching. I feel personally uplifted as both a coach and a person.

Jennifer Becker

Learning & Development Specialist, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

A mind shifting experience in coaching that makes coaching more trustworthy because of all the EQ tools.

Solafa Batterjee

CEO, Doroob

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence

Standing Out For
What We Stand For

Science You Can Use

Rooted in research, our hands-on content brings you user-friendly neuroscience you can practice today.

On Your Feet Learning

We promise our training brings EMOTIONS into the room as you experience active and experiential learning designed for all levels.

Amplify What’s Working

With “start where your are” approach our program supports existing leadership and development initiatives, shining a light on strengths.

Purpose First

As the only global non-profit Emotional Intelligence organization, since 1997 we’ve developed and tested tools and methods to best support people practicing Emotional Intelligence.

Like it? Keep Going!

With over 20 certification courses (virtual and live) you can follow a pathway to meet your professional goals.

Allies Everywhere

Feel the support of powerful network dedicated to EQ. Connect with practitioners working in over 200 countries.

What is in the Coaching Certification Integration course?

The Coaching Certification Integration is the time to practice infusing the EQ & ICF competencies with your real-life coaching sessions. Then, gather with your coaching certification cohort and mentor to learn new techniques & troubleshoot your sessions. On completion, you will know how to make coaching more effective by understanding the theory of change blended with the science and practice of emotional intelligence. You will also develop a strategy and plan to build your coaching practice.

Community Coaching

Gather regularly with other coaches to share techniques and strategies

Mentor coaching time with an experience professional coach

Build your network of coaching professionals

ICF Credentialing

Gain enough program hours to apply for Associate Coach (ACC) with ICF

Apply the ICF competencies in real-life coaching situations

Receive mentor coaching hours that can be applied to ICF credentialing

Practical Tools

Apply SEI reports to your coaching session to quantify results

Practice techniques for going deeper with clients

Connect with cohort & gain expertise with numerous practice coaching opportunities

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Coaching Cert Integration



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