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Illuminate: Say What You Need to Say (12/10/2018) - We know words hold power. Maybe this is why it can be so hard to say what really needs to be said. This week's Illuminate will inspire you to say the vulnerable, challenging, and authentic words that you may be holding back.
Illuminate: What Relationship Pattern Holds You Back? (12/1/2018) - Everyone has their own pattern when it comes to relationships. 'Attachment Styles' have been studied in psychology for years, and its wisdom is now starting to find its way into everyday relationships. What's your attachment style, and how can you best work with it?
Illuminate: Navigating Anger toward Wisdom (11/23/2018) - Dive into a beautiful (and true!) story about the power of navigating emotions-- and learn how you can transform anger/sadness/grief/confusion into wisdom about yourself and your life's path.
Illuminate: Share Your Gratitude (11/15/2018) - This week, in the United States, is the holiday of Thanksgiving: a time when people get together, share what they’re thankful for, and eat a lot of turkey. I knew I wanted to focus this week’s Illuminate on gratitude, and one of the activities from this month’s POP-UP Festivals reminded me of one of my favorite activities: writing thank-you notes.
Illuminate: What’s Behind Your Mask? (11/5/2018) - How often do we wear masks? Do we actually spend most (or all) of our lives wearing a protective costume so that we can hide who we really are? Learn about your unique masks in this simple + meaningful activity.
What Makes for A Good, Long Life? One Clear Answer from Research Study (10/29/2018) - "It's useful to know it's a choice worth making." The results from an 80-year-long research study clearly identify what we should focus on for a long and fulfilled life.
Your Limiting Belief Demystified (by Your Sandpaper Person) (10/22/2018) - It's prickly, but it's worth it. Learn more about your own limiting belief + tools for working through it, all thanks to the person who most annoys you. Take this moment to learn compassion- for yourself and for them.
Illuminate: Who drives you NUTS? (10/15/2018) - Your 'Sandpaper Person' illuminates your own personal beliefs + opportunities for growth. This articles breaks down how to identify + learn from the person who most challenges you.
Illuminate: What Leaves Could You Shed? (10/5/2018) - A powerful new framework for the season of fall: Take a moment this week to become clear about what is essential to YOU. And honor that the rest might shed away.

The e-mail series comes from the Six Seconds Network. We’re a global not-for-profit community, working toward a billion people practicing emotional intelligence.

Six Seconds is one of the original pioneers of emotional intelligence. In 1967, our team began learning how to integrate emotional and intellectual development; in 1978 our Self-Science curriculum was published. In 1995, Daniel Goleman wrote about Self-Science as a model process for teaching emotional intelligence. We were founded in 1997 to share this methodology, and now we have certified practitioners working in over 125 countries.

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