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Feeling Overwhelmed? Harness Your True North (12/24/2019) - We only have so much energy and attention to give. This article will help you align your focus and attention with your "True North"-- your purpose. ...
How Do You React to Others’ Vulnerability? (11/19/2019) - Nuanced empathy skills help us develop close relationships, which according to a growing body of research, is the key to a good life. ...
Illuminate: Strengthen the Muscles of Your Optimism (10/30/2019) - Too often, we tell ourselves, “I can’t…” or “I’ll never…” or “I don’t deserve….” or we forget that we actually have more options than we perceive. We stop trying, we give up, and our muscles of self-determination and freedom wither. Learned Optimism is how we get those muscles back in shape. ...
Illuminate: Feeling Stuck Try This 3-Step Technique (10/7/2019) - This week, we’ll dive in + explore a practical technique for navigating feelings that just seem to linger. ...
Illuminate: How Are You (Really) Feeling Today? (9/5/2019) - How can you be more empowered with your emotions? The first step is to be able to correctly label them, in a timely manner - the emotional intelligence skill of enhance emotional literacy. ...
Illuminate: 3 Steps to Acting on Your Values (5/20/2019) - We all make hundreds of decisions a day; do they align with your values? This week's Illuminate gives you three practical steps for identifying your values, putting them into practice, and making your life more aligned with your values. ...
Illuminate: Navigating Anger toward Wisdom (4/13/2019) - Dive into a beautiful (and true!) story about the power of navigating emotions-- and learn how you can transform anger/sadness/grief/confusion into wisdom about yourself and your life's path. ...

The e-mail series comes from the Six Seconds Network. We’re a global not-for-profit community, working toward a billion people practicing emotional intelligence.

Six Seconds is one of the original pioneers of emotional intelligence. In 1967, our team began learning how to integrate emotional and intellectual development; in 1978 our Self-Science curriculum was published. In 1995, Daniel Goleman wrote about Self-Science as a model process for teaching emotional intelligence. We were founded in 1997 to share this methodology, and now we have certified practitioners working in over 125 countries.

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