In this Illuminate series, we’ll be exploring each of the learnable competencies of the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Model. This is week four: Engage Intrinsic Motivation.

If we were to make a slider scale from “extrinsic motivation” to “intrinsic motivation“, how would you categorize the motivator behind most of your decisions?

Extrinsic Motivation <——————–> Intrinsic Motivation

This week’s Illuminate will inspire you to explore what YOU want and what your intrinsic motivators are. Maybe we can move the slider just a little bit on that scale…

Intrinsic motivation comes from inside yourself. It’s that on-fire willpower that comes from values that drive you + fill you up.

These values might include our brain’s commitment to connection. Values like connection, belonging, and safety fuel our bonding with others. Other values might include factors that contribute to our health and longevity, like purpose, time in nature, and family. What values do you hold most dear?

Engage Intrinsic Motivation is one of eight competencies, so how does it look when stacked up against the others? When it’s out of balance with your other competencies, you might “bulldoze” others on the high side and ignore your wants on the low side. When it’s in balance, you act from a place of centered sureness. You know what you stand for, you’re aware of how your decision impacts others, and your decisions are driven on purpose.

Let’s explore your innate Intrinsic Motivation…

In this activity, you’ll create a visual representation of a simple question: “What do you want?”
Before I ask this question of you, I ask you to respond from both your brain AND your heart. I ask you to think about your deeply-held values… while you may want the fancy car in this moment, what is it serving or numbing? Belonging? Satisfaction? Success? What are you longing for, or what do you hold most dear? These are the things that will point you toward your Intrinsic Motivation.

So pull out a piece of paper, a pen, crayons, markers… and ask yourself, “What Do I (Really, Really) Want?” Then, create a visual representation to answer this question for yourself.

Here’s my example… full of big values and little details:


Based on your visual representation of Intrinsic Motivation, what are your top values?

Look at each piece you created: Where are you excelling at living your values? Where could you use to put some loving attention?

PS- Curious how your Intrinsic Motivation stacks up to your other competencies? My Coaching Certification cohort and I offer SEI debriefs, so you can see a report of how all of your competencies are doing! Find out more here!

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Maria Jackson

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