Ahh, I’m feeling so excited about Illuminate’s brand new Facebook group. Such joy to see the collaboration, support, and sharing going on there. You all rock! Craving more connection? Check out these donation-based self-compassion practice sessions we just lined up 🙂

How are YOU feeling today? Tapping into what’s going on inside of you is a powerful act, and this week we’ll talk about acting from that powerful, intrinsic place that only you can access for yourself.

This past week, my EQ goal was to practice making decisions based on intrinsic motivation.

You see, I can be quite the over-thinker; last week, when deciding where to go out for dinner, I started to do what I normally do: Think, and weigh the pros and cons, and try to decide, and throw in more options… sometimes I do this until I’m too tired to even leave the house! But then I stopped. I KNOW what I value: I want something healthy, close to town, and inexpensive. Boom: My decision was made in an instant.

It was a small decision, but it felt like such a relief! So this week, I’m trying to lean into my instincts and choose the options that sounds immediately RIGHT and VALUABLE to me. It’s me practicing Intrinsic Motivation, the Six Seconds competency that helps me make decisions based on my values.

How can you tap into your values, priorities, and commitments today?​​​

1: Identify
Write down 3-4 values that are really important to you. A few options could be: Family, honesty, self-care, service, integrity, environmentalism, freedom…

2: Act
What is a decision you need to make this week? Stack your options up to the values you just wrote down. Is there a clear winner? As you make decisions throughout the day, keep your values in mind. How aligned can you get?
3: Reflect
Share your experience on Illuminate’s brand new Facebook group. We’re in this together, and I can’t wait to see how this group shares their light 🙂


What are your 3-4 top values? What action step could you take this week to lean into those values?

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Hoping to connect with you soon 🙂

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