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Anxiety is a message that tells us to pay attention… ‘Be ready for what’s coming next’. It’s a helpful message, but sometimes people have too much of that message – here’s a way to help kids with this challenge.

We want our kids to thrive, to feel safe, to help others, to feel sure within themselves. What can we do? We can love them. But, as the highlighted quote below will tell you, love is more than a feeling. It is an ACTION.  This Mini POP-UP gives you some tools for actively showing the children in your life how much you love them.

Kindness can be deeper than “please” and “thank you.” But it can be confusing sometimes when if actions are mistaken.  How can we show kindness?  How can we be clear about our intentions to do good for others?

We want our kids to understand and acknowledge their own fears. We want our kids to stand up to bullies. We want our kids to grow up  making meaningful change in the world. We want our kids to be able to look inside themselves, understand what they want, and be courageous. We hope this Mini POP-UP Box encourages you and the kids in your life to the right thing– the courageous thing– in your world.

The outdoors is a perfect place to become aware of the beauty all around. But we have to learn to slow down in order to really see the beauty. Once we realize the beauty, we can also make art with it! What helps us appreciate the little things that are around us every day? 
How do we nurture kids who include others, ask for more support, and feel secure enough to be themselves? We help them grow belonging. We hope our POP-UP Mini Box this months inspires you and the children in your life to explore where, how, and with whom you belong, and how you can appreciate the bonds that connect us all.

A lot of us adults admire kids’ curiosity– their penchant for learning and staying open to the unknown. And, as it turns out, this tendency of theirs is a really beneficial one. Research tells us that curiosity in children is linked to increased brain activity, empathy, and social networks. However, as we adults know, curiosity easily dims with age. This month’s POP-UP Mini Box aims to reinforce and inspire the curiosity for you and the children you love.

Hope means believing that things can be better. In a world where children face challenges every day, hope gives them the sense of power to turn things around. Hope transforms setbacks into opportunities and endings into beginnings. Hope makes all other things possible. We hope this POP-UP Mini kit brings you and the children in your life a sense of possibility and optimism.

In today’s world, it’s hard for a kid to feel like they have enough. It may seem like they always want nicer clothes, more screen time, and fancier toys. Whether the search for ‘more’ comes from peer pressure, the media, or the human’s basic need for comfort, research has shown time and time again that there is an antidote: gratitude. Read on for activities, book ideas, and a kitchen table question to inspire the kids (and adults!) in your life to regularly practice being grateful.

With November’s growing POP-UP Festival coming so soon, we think the theme of GOALS is perfect. What are you trying to GOALS are you trying to grow this season? We hope our Pop-Up Mini-Box this month raises awareness for teaching growth + goals to you and the children in your circle.

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