World leaders, informed by over 10 million citizens, developed a comprehensive set of goals to make the world a better place – a place with a sustainable future – by 2030.

The goals are broad and deep, calling for the end of hunger, equality for all people, and peace in the world. Companies, nonprofits, and government agencies are working to align efforts around this powerful vision. (Read more at the UN Development Agency)

With volunteers in over 150 nations & territories, the POP-UP Festival celebrates UNCRC, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and supports growing the skills and awareness that will make UNCRC and many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) able to come to life.

SDG 3 Good Health & Wellbeing

POP-UP Festivals teach children & adults the foundational emotional intelligence skills for health & wellbeing. By harnessing emotions as a source of energy and wisdom, flourishing grows from the inside.

SDG 4 Quality Education

POP-UP Festivals are free educational events that perfectly align to SDG4: “Education liberates the intellect, unlocks the imagination and is fundamental for self-respect. It is the key to prosperity and opens a world of opportunities, making it possible for each of us to contribute to a progressive, healthy society. Learning benefits every human being and should be available to all.”

SDG 5 Gender Equity

Many of the POP-UP Festival activities support participants to reflect on their own biases and assumptions. When girls and boys grow emotional intelligence, they can have genuine dialogue, and meet one another as fellow humans — not stereotypes. Much of the pervasive gender inequity in the world today is fueled by people not able to handle their emotions in a positive and healthy way.

SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities

One key to increased equity is increased mutual understanding – which is fueled and sustained by empathy, a cornerstone of emotional intelligence. Many of the POP-UP Festival activities strengthen empathy and build mutual respect. When we can see all people as people, united by the universal language of emotions, we can get to the heart of equity for all.

SDG 15 Life on Land

For young people to become stewards and champions of the planet (for SDGs 14, 15, & 16) they need to have the emotional connection to feel the importance of the natural world… and the internal drive and connection to purpose that is fueled by this emotional connection. Many POP-UP Festival activities invite participants to grow that connection.

SDG 16 Peace, Justice, Strong Institutions

Compassion and a strong moral compass is essential to every democratic society. Yet, persecution, injustice and abuse still runs rampant and is tearing at the very fabric of civilization.” What are the essential skills we need to each develop inside ourselves to grow the precious blend of compassion and ethics? Emotional intelligence is the learnable skillset that fuels peace inside, and, in turn, peace in the world.

There are over 30 activities in the POP-UP Festival activity kit – all freely downloadable for anyone holding a POP-UP Festival (for from 3 to 30000 children & adults!) The activities build the internal skills and awareness needed to create a world aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. To discuss the SDGs with children, check out this marvelous online comic book! There are many more at Comics Uniting Nations.


For adults who want to learn more about the SDGs, there are a ton of websites – try Global Goals & the UN Sustainable Development page

Six Seconds is a Partner in the UN World Day of Action for SDGs

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