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Last year we shared a joyful, powerful learning experience with 330,000 children & adults in 157 countries & territories – in 15 languages. The POP-UP Festival is all about growing the skills for a better life and a better world. Grow friendship, reduce conflict. Grow self-awareness, reduce volatility. Grow connections, reduce isolation. What is your organization committed to growing?

Thanks to our fantastic  2018 POP-UP FESTIVAL Partners

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Partners are co-creating the global festival by helping to drive awareness and engaging their communities. Partners are committed to engaging hundreds of volunteers from their members / followers via active social media, media, and/or in-person sharing.

Sponsors are making tax-deductible donations to underwrite marketing and production costs because they are committed growing an emotionally intelligent world.

Volunteers & Allies are joining to host POP-UP Festivals and share these wonderful resources, including volunteering to translate and help coordinate other volunteers in their countries. Volunteers & Allies, please sign up here.

If your company, association, organization or foundation would consider becoming a Partner or Sponsor, please contact us here:

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What kinds of activities are in the POP-UP Kits? Written by experts from Six Seconds together with volunteers & partners, they focus on increasing awareness, making positive choices, and making the world better. Here are two examples.

Feelings into Actions was co-created with Sit With Us, a partner focused on reducing bullying. Activity Instructions. Cards.

Friendship Medal was created with Peppy Pals, a partner focus on EQ & friendship for younger children. Activity Instructions.

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