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POP-UP FESTIVAL in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day is a FREE event for children to connect, play and increase wellbeing. It offers a fun and educational way for organizations to work with families and develop communication, leadership, and take SDG action. POP-UP Festivals are held in 190+ countries and territories, translated into 20+ languages reaching 1.5 million children and adults.

POP-UP Festival is all about growing the skills for a better life and a better world. Grow friendship, reduce conflict. Grow self-awareness, reduce volatility. Grow connections, reduce isolation. What is your organization committed to growing?

POP-UP Festival is a DIY party that volunteers create with hands-on learning activity stations, using simple materials, online instructions and kid-craft decorations. Each site chooses from a list of games and activities, adapting to their community and bringing people together to learn & play.

What is the role of POP-UP Partners?

Companies, nonprofits, agencies who make one or more of the following commitments:

Strengthen your community by holding one or many POP-UP Festivals as a corporate social responsibility initiative (engage employee volunteers to celebrate your company’s families, and/or for families in your community)

Amplify the message by bringing awareness of POP-UP Festivals to 1000s more people (eg join our social media efforts, share POP-UP Festival resources as point-of-sale or other places with lots of people, recruit your members to hold festivals)

Support the initiative with financial sponsorship to bring POP-UP Festival resources to communities that can not otherwise participate (while the event is free and volunteer driven, even the cost of printing materials is a burden in many places in the world)


If any/all of these opportunities fit your organization/company/agency, please fill in the form to the right!


If you want to sign up to HOLD A POP-UP FESTIVAL as an individual (not as a partner), please fill in the form on

Let’s partner! Fill in the form to sign up for POP-UP, plus we’ll email introductory slides suitable for your internal discussions — and the slides about using POP-UP for CSR as an employee or community day.

What kinds of activities are in the POP-UP Kits? Written by experts from Six Seconds together with volunteers & partners, they focus on increasing awareness, making positive choices, and making the world better. Here are two examples.

Feelings into Actions was co-created with Sit With Us, a partner focused on reducing bullying. Activity Instructions. Cards.

Friendship Medal was created with Peppy Pals, a partner focus on EQ & friendship for younger children. Activity Instructions.

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