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Strategies for Implementing Emotional Intelligence 



[email protected] combines interviews with key findings from case studies on differentiators for EQ in EU.

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Preparing for the EQ Europe Virtual Conference 2018, [email protected] examines the current status of emotional intelligence in the context of a rapidly changing Europe. How is this concept being implemented? What’s the value of emotional intelligence in a changing European region – and beyond?


[email protected] is published by Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network, the global nonprofit community for EQ.

Six Seconds is one of the original pioneers of emotional intelligence. In 1967, our team began learning how to integrate emotional and intellectual development; in 1978 our Self-Science curriculum was published. In 1995, Daniel Goleman wrote about Self-Science as a model process for teaching emotional intelligence. We were founded in 1997 to share this methodology, and now we have certified practitioners working in over 125 countries.

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What are the research-proven best-practices to put emotional intelligence into action?

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