How do businesses increase value with emotional intelligence training?

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Launch EQ with Management Essentials

Get your managers focused on the people-side of performance powered by EQ

Go Deeper via Developing Human Performance

Earn EQ Assessor certification and access the robust 12-module mix-and-match EQ curriculum

Access the Practitioner Library & custom tools

Develop expertise with EQ Practitioner Certification & custom-build powerful learning

As explained in this summary of “what works” to create business value with emotional intelligence, one of the key challenges is finding a practical starting point… that’s not the ending point. To implement emotional intelligence, businesses need curriculum, tools and methods that support an effective introduction, then can “go north” to integrate EQ into the culture. 

Start here:

Management Essentials
Six must-have workshops for every manager. Modules can be delivered individually or combined for a flexible start to EQ that’s practical & engaging.

EQ Brain Profiler Certification
Distill the full psychometric power of the SEI Assessment into a compelling 1 page snapshot for individuals and teams to make the learning even more relevant.

Kickstart EQ Workshops
Expert coaching and starter materials to get you up to speed and into action using these tools quickly and effectively.

Go further:

Developing Human Performance
Twelve powerful, hands-on modules that can be mixed-and-matched (with assessments as needed) to build in-depth EQ learning.

EQ Assessor Certification
Learn to measure & develop core skills with a rigorous and practical toolset. The Leadership, Development and 360 Reports provide a deep, reliable, and practice view of EQ.

Kickstart EQ Training
Expert coaching and starter materials to get you up to speed and into action using these tools quickly and effectively.

Integrate EQ:

EQ Core Certification
In addition to the EQ Assessor (to the left), your core team will develop expertise in the robust methods that make Six Seconds’ approach so powerful.

Year EQ Cert Library Membership
License to access an extensive set of L&D resources to practice and teach emotional intelligence, and to weave it into other programs.

Kickstart EQ Integration
Partner with an expert to quickly build and deploy your custom program, and get ongoing support to tune it up to world-class quality.

How are businesses using EQ?

Microcases and best practices learning & development to leverage EQ

Develop capacity for EQ growth

From essentials to mastery, learn Six Seconds proven tools & methods

See how EQ actually works

How are organizations like Siemens, the US Navy & FedEx using EQ for performance?

Why Six Seconds?


The largest and oldest emotional intelligence org, this approach works everywhere

The EQ Network includes offices, partners, network leaders and changemakers in over 100 countries.Our recent State of the Heart research included data from 127 countries.


Grounded in neuroscience and robust research, these tools are serious and reliable.

These tools are backed by a research organization that’s publishing EQ research regularly – not for abstract academia, but to improve real-world implementation.



Proven in numerous cases, this methodology fuels positive change – from powerful introductory sessions to profound transformation programs, Six Seconds supports a full range of EQ implementation.

The tools “just make sense,” the learning is crafted to fully engage, and the resources are wide and deep. 

Read more about Six Seconds’ vision of a billion people practicing EQ — and this introduction to emotional intelligence in business.

What are the researched best-practices to put emotional intelligence into action?

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