How are you feeling today? What 1-2 emotions are filtering your experience right now? Thank you for taking a moment to tune in to yourself– it’s a precious gift.

Last week, you tried out a ‘morning ritual’ to add grounding and intention to your day. This week, you’ll try out spicing things up by doing something a little unexpected.


Illuminate: Feeling Mundane? Add Something Unexpected to Your Week

Sometimes, life feels a little monotonous.

The grind of the daily routine can wear on you, and the days start to feel more mundane, and less special… more dull, and less sparkle…

This research study suggests that people who act spontaneously score higher on psychological wellbeing. And who couldn’t use more of that??

In this week’s activity, you’ll think about your bigger pictures goals—the things that INSPIRE you and make your eyes twinkle, and how you might add a little bit of that unexpected sparkle back into your week.

Think BIG with me for a second: What is important to YOU? I don’t mean money, cars, or fame… I mean the stuff that matters deep, deep down. The stuff that, when you are on your death bed, you will look back on and cherish…

Got an idea of your BIG THING? Great.
Next, think of one activity this week that you’ve NEVER done before that will contribute to the goal of your BIG STUFF . For example, I choose to focus on my relationships with my friends. I have never brought one of them flowers, so that is what I will do this week! It will be unexpected, make my heart smile, and add a little spice to my week.
Your turn… what will YOU do this week to add some unexpected sparkle?


People have patterns around being more routine-driven or spontaneity-driven. What is your tendency? How does it help or hinder you in getting to your goals?
How could you add a little ‘spice’ to your life more routinely? Could you schedule in time for new-ness? Or set a reminder for time without plans?
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