A virtual workshop for perfectionists seeking self-acceptance

  with Illuminate’s Maria Jackson

This workshop uses the research-backed tools + methodologies of the Six Seconds EQ Network. We’re a global not-for-profit community, working toward a billion people practicing emotional intelligence.

Perfectionism, or the fear of making mistakes, is in the blood of many brilliant, purposeful, and creative people. But, the research on perfectionism doesn’t lie: It’s giving us depression, more anxiety, and it’s causing our performance to suffer. It’s time to create a new story for yourself.

Who would you look like if you took more impactful risks + were less afraid of making mistakes?

Who would you look like if the belonging + validation you needed came from the inside?

Who would you look like if you offered yourself the same grace + compassion you offer others in the face of mistakes?

Monday, April 8    |   5-7pm PST (your time zone here)

 Your computer |   $40 

Unravel the roots of your perfectionistic tendencies.

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect: A Workshop for Perfectionists

What it is:

  • A 2-hour interactive, supportive, and ‘beneath the iceberg’ workshop guided by Illuminate’s Maria Jackson
  • Virtual. Join from the comfort of your own computer.
  • Community. Join like-minded others in finding the truth behind your perfectionistic ways.
  • Evidence-based + actionable. Discover + use research-backed tools to nurture the self-acceptance that comes from within.
  • Structured. Workshop will include discussion, journaling, guided meditation, and embodiment exercises.

Thank-you for offering the Workshop for Perfectionists. The research you presented grounded the whole experience in evidence (not feel-good conjecture), and the tools I learned were ones I could put to use right away. You modeled for us what it looks like to step away from perfectionism and toward self-compassion. 

Juko Holiday

Owner, Ease Mountain Yoga & Nourishing Arts

join us in creating a less perfect, more compassionate world!

This workshop was a lot of fun! I enjoyed the integration of research, discussion, movement, journaling, and artistic expression into a transformational experience. I’ve definitely used the research-proven techniques Maria shared to deal with feelings of perfectionism in the moment.

Melissa Harrell

People Analytics Manager, Google

What it isn’t:

  • A lecture. Come prepared to share your heart, journal, and get your hands messy with the HEART work of personal growth.
  • New-age fluff. This workshop is born from extensive psychology research, of which you will get a taste. The techniques used WORK, not just for one perfectionist, but for a statistically significant majority of perfectionists.

Maria is amazing. She had a way of gently guiding me into self-exploration about my perfectionism. If you are willing to look inside, she is a safe and wonderful teacher to help you go deeper. She helped me let go of some “no longer needed” perceptions of myself– I am feeling a lot of emotional freedom!

Monica Clark

Owner, Holistically Healthy Bodies

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