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Where do you want to go? As Illuminate approaches its first birthday (YAY!), I have some big dreams to think about in terms of its growth. I’d love to hear from you where you’d like to see Illuminate go in the coming year– so would you please take 2 minutes to complete this super-short survey? It will open in a new tab so you can keep reading, and it would help me out a lot. I will be making decisions based on what you say! But now, onto you…

The silly, but effective, destination sticker:

Michael and I planned our trip from one island in Thailand to another through a local travel agency. The desk agent gave us a little sticker like the one below to wear so that the various boat and shuttle drivers could easily see our final destination. It felt silly and delightful to see a boat full of travelers wearing colorful stickers on their shirts with their various destinations: Bangkok, Koh Samui, Surat Thani. It reminded me of being a kindergartener at school pick-up, standing on a certain color painted on the pavement so that my mother could find me. Except we were all grown ups.

Silliness aside, the stickers did their job. Without butchered Thai, English, or universal sign language, we were easily scooped up by the various shuttle drivers and swiftly delivered to our final destination.
What if we wore destination stickers for life?

On the long shuttle rides, I got to thinking: What if we wore destination stickers for life? What if they said things like, “I want to be the first female PhD in my family” or “I want my empathy to be higher than my consequential thinking“? What if we could just wear a sticker on our shirts that communicated to us and everyone around us where we needed to go? All we would need to do when feeling lost is look down. Then other people could look at our stickers, too, and help us get to where we want to go, just like the shuttle drivers. It would be lovely, would it not, to have such clarity and support in our lives?
It’s a lot easier to get where you want to go when you know where you want to go. And it’s a lot easier to get there when other people know where you want to go, too.

I invite you to stay with me in this silly space of boats full of colorfully-stickered tourists for a bit longer. I promise it will help you clarify your path to your goals. In this activity, you will make your own destination sticker to help you clarify where you want to go + who can help you get there.
1: Where do you want to go?
Answer this question in 3 words of less; it could be a feeling, a career, a value, or even a physical place. For example, I have a dear friend who wants to practice as a birth doula, but she has difficulty effectively focusing on this goal. So she might choose the words ‘birth doula’.
2: Make the sticker.
Find a piece of paper + draw/ cut out a circle as your ‘sticker’. Better yet, if you have a sticky-note close by, cut out the part that is sticky to make a real sticker! Write down or draw a representation of your destination. Get creative or stay simple—the goal is to clarify your path in a concrete way.
3: Who will help?
Identify one person who can help you reach your destination swiftly + safely. How could they help you? Commit yourself to taking one action step to ask for their help.

4: Share your sticker.
Send a selfie with your sticker to a loved one + share your destination with them! We’d love to see your sticker on Facebook, too! 🙂


It’s easier to get where you want to go if you know where you’re going and who can help. How could you focus efforts in your life towards your destination? How could you rally more support from other for getting to your destination?
When trying to reach a destination in the past, what has held you back or helped move you forward? How can you use this knowledge to better prepare you for the journey ahead towards this destination?

PS– Have you taken the super-short survey yet? I really, really want to know what you think!!

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Maria Jackson

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