Against the backdrop of cruelty and carnage in many cities around the world, compassion seems far away. Yet each of us has the power to choose to care.  Can we strengthen that kind of power? What are your unique talents to do so, and how are you using those to make a more empathic, inclusive, positive community?

See the action plan below, and your invitation to learn about your talents – and how you can use your own strengths to add peace in your community (and get your free Brain Talent Profile this week!).


Overview: Talents for Tolerance

This week we’re celebrating the United Nation’s International Day for Tolerance by inviting people to take the Brain Talent Profile for free, and over 700 members of our network are holding free live workshops around the globe, and free Talent for Tolerance online webinars.

The first activity in the workshops and webinars asks participants to consider: What’s on the spectrum of Hate <—> Love? Where does “tolerance” fit? How about acceptance? Compassion? And, are we committed to increasing these elements in ourselves and our communities?

These questions are always important, but with recent headlines from Paris, Baghdad, Beirut, and the suffering in Syria and around the globe… it’s even harder to hold onto compassion, to choose the peace-that-starts-inside. The news makes it even more important that this week, over 20,000 people will discuss these questions in 700+ workshops around the world.



“I’m pleased to take part in the Talents for Tolerance workshop initiative, a creative way to call attention to both the U.N. International Day for Tolerance and also the innovative tools that Six Seconds offers to increase the emotional intelligence skills so needed for a more peaceful world.” – Rev. Deborah Moldow, Representative to the United Nations, The World Peace Prayer Society



Invitation: Free Brain Talent Profiles

If you would like to take the Brain Talent Profile and participate in this celebration yourself, you’re welcome to do so, even if you are not joining one of the workshops. Just click one of these links to take the assessment. Then you’ll get your Profile by email. Next, go to the action plan – below.

Adult version – click here for English. Or click for: Italian. Chinese. Portuguese. Arabic.

Youth version (ages 7-18): click here for English. Or click for: Italian. Arabic.

Note – for youth 7-12: Please ask a parent or adult to help you – where it asks for email, please put your adult’s email address, and they will receive the report and share it with you.


Action Plan: Talents and Compassion

talents-compassion-goalsWe recommend you discuss these questions with 2-3 other people…

1. Goal:

What is one area where more tolerance, empathy, and acceptance is needed in your community? (you can define “community” as you wish, e.g., workplace, school, home, club, neighborhood)


2. Actions:

What are some specific actions you, personally, could take to contribute to that positive change?


3. Talents:

Consider your top talents from your Brain Brief Profile: What are 2-3 ways in which your unique talents could help you take the actions you’ve identified?



We believe that when people put their strengths into play in service of a worthy goal, we are capable of tremendous strength. How would it feel to use your talents in service of a more empathic, compassionate, inclusive world?


Please share your action plans and feelings in on one of our social networks. Facebook page. LinkedIN group. Twitter @6s_EQ #T4T — and/or leave your comments below.

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