Elementary Pupil Reading With Teacher In Classroom

Back to school season can be a stressful time for parents, kids and teachers.  Raise your hand if you had this dream: You are late for class, the bell has rung, you have a test, you didn’t study, or… it’s the end of the term and you never did find the classroom, maybe you are still in your pajamas…Emotional intelligence can help.

 Six Seconds CEO Josh Freedman is interviewed by Bob Gourley on the “Issues Today” Radio show (heard on over 70 stations in the U.S.). He talks about how emotional intelligence can help school get off to the right start.

Listen to the interview here:

[s3audio s3url=”website/Issues-Today-Gourley-Freedman.mp3″ responsive=”on” /]

 For more information on Six Seconds educational programs, see: www.6seconds.org/education.

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